ENVE’s latest addition to their Smart ENVE System or SES is an aero stem. And even though the stem may indeed be a bit more aerodynamic than your average road stem, it’s the adjustability that may just get you to drop a big chunk of coin on a pricey new stem.

Smart ENVE System grows with the addition of new SES Aero Road stem Smart ENVE System grows with the addition of new SES Aero Road stem

Developed in conjunction with aerodynamacist Simon Smart, the ENVE SES Stem is the next logical addition to the SES line to complement the SES Bar. Designed with computational fluid dynamics software and real life aero tested in the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 wind tunnel, the stem is said to provide a 0.6W advantage through the full range of wind angles at 40kph compared to a standard stem. That’s not much, but every bit counts, right?

Smart ENVE System grows with the addition of new SES Aero Road stem Smart ENVE System grows with the addition of new SES Aero Road stem

However, as aerodynamic wizards like Smart will tell you, if the rider isn’t in an optimal, fast, comfortable position, then the best aerodynamic parts in the world will be of little help. To ensure the rider is properly positioned, the stem included two steerer tube shims to adjust either the angle or the effective length. One shim will allow you to run -7 or -17° stems with the stock stem length. The other will allow you to run the standard -12° position, but will adjust the length of the stem in 2.5mm increments. So a 100mm stem is then either a 97.5mm or 102.5mm with a -12° angle. The additional positions should give fitters a bit more to work with and make the proposition of buying a $300 stem a bit less scary.

Smart ENVE System grows with the addition of new SES Aero Road stem

You’ll also find an integrated computer mount (sold separately) made by the experts at K-Edge that will ensure you have a proper place for your head unit. The carbon stem has a claimed weight of 170-190g (100mm to 140mm lengths) and a 31.8mm clamp so it will work with most bars. Available in 100-140mm lengths, each is priced at $300.



  1. Peter Herman on

    As a fitter, sure the effective length is OK, but there are plenty of other ways to achieve that, namely bar reach. I’d be happier if they had a different range of angles. -7 and -17 are pretty standard, -12 is kind of oddball whereas -10 is a bit more standard. I’d have LOVED this stem if they gave a shallower angle like a -4 for the customer who really can’t get aero but won’t ride a + rise stem.

    • Andrew on

      This!! I’d love to see someone make a -4 degree stem…or even a 0-degree stem with a shape that would make it *look* like a negative degree stem!

  2. Mayhem on

    Weight 490 g?! Can’t find any claimed weight on Enve’s website that just cannot be right. Maybe together with the matching bars and computer mount, but even that’d seem heavy…

    • Blake on

      Hey Mayhem,

      You are correct, stem weight with 1 shim and topcap are as follows. These weights do not include the computer mount.

      100mm – 170g
      110mm – 175g
      120mm – 180g
      130mm – 185g
      140mm – 190g

  3. Sloth on

    @Peter said “-7 and -17 are pretty standard”
    When did -7 become a standard? Guess I haven’t been paying attention as I thought +/-6, -10; and -17 were standard angles for road stems.

  4. Michele on

    WAY too complicated (andd heavy) for .6w !

    After wasting almost $300 on their terribly-barely adjustable seatpost im done w enve components.

    • Shenandoah on

      Michele,same here, switched to a Darimo seatpost… crazy light compared to Enve, mine reach 72g and improved comfort much more than I thought!

  5. Loki on

    Now where have I seen that system before? Oh yes, Specialized S-works Pro Fit and CLP stems, which, in alloy weighed 150 -166g and were adjustable from 4 to 21deg (dependent on the stem used).

    (cue litigation comments…)

    • JD on

      I even had this kind of shimable angle stem on an relatively entry-level specialized sequoia more than 10 years ago…

  6. Bob on

    Enve is not about value or versatility. it is about having Enve logos on your bike. and those logos are apparently expensive and heavy. you should all be thankful that Enve is willing to let you buy their products.

  7. Michele on

    My hate for enve is related to seatpost, owned their 45 rims, stem, etx no real issues there but the seatpost sucks. If u torque both wedges to spec the saddle inevitably returns to one and only position tilt-wise. Their only advice to me was keep watching youtube vid on install as if im an idiot. Lbs mech told me to return it or toss it (and theyre dealers) bc too much waste of time. U can flip the bottom clamp piece for a second tilt angle but no adjustability beyond that, unless you only torque one of the 2 wddges to spec, get your tilt, and leave the other wedge under torque, which is what i did.


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