Hand crafted in València, Spain, Darimo Carbon offers some of the lightest, most refined cockpit components out there. With the addition of the T2 Set Back seatpost, Darimo also provide an elegant solution to drop weight on the road too. Plus, a new 4g clamp keeps a seatpost up with the least possible material. And all of it is made-to-order, so pick the finish you want, open your wallet, and shed some grams.

Darimo T2 SB ultralight setback carbon seatpost

Most ultralight seatpost designs rely on a straight carbon tube, so getting the 25mm offset needed for most road bike fits meant a compromise in design, or even just looks. Darimo wanted to continue the clean, simple aesthetic of their other components, so they developed the molds to make a tubular carbon setback post, with a curve to the upper tube.

The body of the T2 SB post is constructed of an asymmetric (front to back) layup mixing layers of unidirectional (UD) & bidirectional (mostly 3K weave) carbon fabrics to keep weight to a minimum, while retaining off-road-ready strength.

Molding the clamping hardware into the upper part of the tube, using a carbon rail cradle, 7075 alloy clamping bars & grade 5 titanium bolts certainly help keep weight down. This full length 31.6 x 400mm post weighed in at just 118.12g. Darimo was actually wondering why it was so heavy, then realized that the two wooden dowels are 2g a piece, bringing it back under the claimed 115g.

Of course if you need lighter, Darimo is happy to build the 330€ seatpost to order, and will make it to custom length just for your bike.

The clamping hardware of the T2 SB is rather unique, in that the front ti bolt has tiny holes drilled crossways in it. Once you mount your saddle (round or 7×9 rails) you insert a tiny allen key that Darimo supplies (0.9mm) which allows you to adjust the angle of the saddle in place. Then you tighten the rear bolt only with a regular tool to clamp the saddle in position.

The T2 SB post is available in 25.4, 27.2, 30.9 & 31.6mm diameters and comes in 250-400mm lengths standard, although you can have it shortened as much as you want or custom even up to 700mm long.

Like all of their carbon components, the T2 SB seatpost is available in four finish combinations – matte or gloss, with either a top layer of UD or 3K weave carbon. Because of the way Darimo builds the posts, UD is a bit heavier, adding around 4g overall to this post. You can also get decals to match your bike in a few colors – red, white, orange, green, celeste, or black for example.

The post is rated for road, cross & cross-country use, and has a rider weight limit of 90kg/198lb. But for around 15g they can make a post to suit heavier riders as well.

Darimo ultralight 4g carbon seatpost clamp

There isn’t much material to Darimo’s upcoming seatpost clamp/collar, but it still embodies a fair amount of tech to keep the weight so low. Using high modulus directional carbon fibers, Darimo wraps just a few layers of carbon around a couple of alloy elements that make up the threading and bolt guide.

The result is a carbon seatpost clamp that weighs just 4g (it fluctuated between 4.02 – 4.04g as the wind blew across the scale) while still using a grade 5 titanium clamping bolt. Darimo says it has been tested significantly higher, but they recommend a max clamping force of 6Nm, which is higher than the 5Nm standard for most carbon frames. Full details as to pricing, availability & sizing are still to come, as this 35mm version has been the first fully developed and tested.

Darimo MTB handlebar lightweight carbon flat bars

The Darimo flat mountain bike bar is another of their superlight offerings. For 190€ you get a cross-country ready flat bar with a mix of UD & bidirectional 3K layers like the seatposts that yields some crazy low weights – like 98g for a 740mm bar.

The Darimmo MTB bar is customizable as well. It can be had in either a 6° or 9° bend with no rise, and can be made up to 800mm wide, or as short as you need. Each bar gets a width-specific layup with reinforced ends to protect against regular crashes/wipeouts and reinforced brake/shifter clamping zones, not simply cut to size.

The MTB handle bar is not made for gravity riding, and is not to be used with bar ends. The 31.8mm bar come in teh four standard finishes (from top to bottom above – matte UD, gloss UD, matte 3K, gloss 3K) and with decal color customization. The bar is again weight limited to a 90kg/198lb rider, but again Darimo can custom make a bar about 25g more for heavier riders.

Darimo T1 original ultralight no-offset carbon seatpost

The T1 was Darimo’s first straight, zero-offset carbon seatpost brought to market back in 2016. With a standard weight of only 94g for an oversized 31.6mm post in a full 400mm length, they only get lighter from there.

The 280€ T1 seatpost combines a straight carbon shaft, carbon saddle rail cradle, and carbon upper rail clamps with a couple of titanium bolts and aluminum barrel nuts. We’ve seen a short 250mm posts on the scale under 80g even. All the same details apply as with the new setback post, if you are looking to shed some weight off the road, gravel, cross, or XC bike.



  1. Klaster_1 on

    Nice to see Darimo getting more exposure, the service and products are great. After two T1s and a flat bar I’m looking forward for more components from Damià.

  2. Jordi M. on

    Their products are really impressive.
    As user of the T1 Seatpost with my Supersix Evo2 HM (particular 25.4mm diameter) I am extremely pleased, way way better than the ENVE I tried or the Cannondale SAVE (both heavieir, less comfortable and adjustment prob,ems with the Enve).
    At 72 grams there is just no better option available! waiting to see their future release!

  3. Jordi M. on

    Darimo products are just amazing.
    With 72g my T1 Seat post is not just way way lighter than the Cannondale Save and ENVE I previously used but I also gained in comfort and stopped having adjustment problems (Enve).
    Coms with Darimo team is really good!

  4. mecanico do paladar on

    Props to Damià and its Team!
    I ride a seatpost and handlebar from Darimo, awesome stuff!
    Nice and clever way to place the front adjusting Ti bolt!

  5. RobertW on

    A K-Force 25mm setback post lasted about two months on my XC bike, 71kg rider. I bet I could crack this one in a few rides.

    • Shenandoah on

      Robert, then go for the reinforced version no that will still be crazy light compared to the K-force. two colleagues have them in XC with quite some length (25 CM?) and they are still going strong.


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