The sleek streamlined Elemnt Bolt GPS cycling computer that Wahoo Fitness introduced last summer was all about slipping onto your handlebars unnoticed – at least from the wind. Now Wahoo wants the aero Bolt to stand out with a couple of bright limited edition colors.

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt in limited edition red & yellow

Light blue may be Wahoo’s trademark color, but while stock lasts you can get your aero Elemnt Bolt GPS with a bright red or bright yellow body. Inside all of the ride tracking & communication tech stays the same. And the limited edition Bolt comes with the same low profile integrated aero out-front mount that together Wahoo claims reduces drag caused by the cycling computer by over 50% vs. their biggest competitors.

The special edition colors don’t even add more to the $250/240€ price tag. You just need to act fast if you want to add a splash of color to the compact 61g and easy to use Wahoo Elemnt Bolt.


  1. Would be cool if they did a custom patterned design. These are kind of weird colors that don’t match a ton of bikes. Ohh well different strokes for different folks. Their units still are the best

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