The 11.0 version of Sigma’s Rox family of GPS-based cycling computers that we saw last year delivered a wealth of tech packed into a simple, compact monochrome package. Now Sigma is back with the color, touch screen Rox 12.0 aiming directly at the mapping & navigation domination from perennial market leader Garmin’s large Edge devices.

Sigma Rox 12.0 Sport color touch-screen cycling GPS

Sigma’s new Rox 12.0 Sport is a departure from their previous devices, dramatically increasing overall device size, and packing in a new 3″ high-res touch screen display.

The backlit 240×400 pixel, transflective color screen is the heart of the new device, said to be easily visible even in direct sunlight with the easy-to-read graphical menus. It provides the platform to show detailed mapping, deliver top notch open-source navigation, and connect to just about any sensor out there.

Tech Details

The large 59 x 115 x 17mm device is slightly longer than the biggest cycling devices from Garmin’s Edge series or the more compact Wahoo Elemnt. But inside Sigma has packed tons of connectivity including WiFi, Bluetooth & Ant+ to capture speed, cadence, heartrate & power data; and to communicate with your electronic Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo groupset and direct to social media platforms. It also features a powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery promising 16hrs of run time for the 125g device.

In addition to touch screen, the Rox 12 features six physical buttons to make it easy & fast to move through the menus and all of the device’s functions. The touch gestures are mobile phone based, so rather intuitive, plus a physical home button that makes overall use speedy.

Beyond fast menu wayfinding, the device starts  up quickly and navigation has been designed to calculate routes quickly so you spend less time standing around aimlessly, and more time riding.

Mapping & Navigation

The new Rox 12 sets itself apart by its display and the underlying maps & navigation functionality. Core to that is the use of the open-source Open Street Maps (OSM) map  database. Using maps that are effectively crowd-sourced and continually updated, the Rox 12 takes advantage of some of the best navigation basemaps global, both on and off-road. The standard device comes preloaded with either 20 EU countries (or the complete US), and additional maps can be downloaded for FREE over WiFi.

Tech Features

The Transreflective display is said to outperform most smartphones in direct sunlight, while also using raindrop detection to function seamlessly in foul weather. The Rox 12 is IP67 certified to make it suitable for pretty much any dusty, muddy, or rain riding conditions you throw at it. And it gets a Gorilla glass case to survive most routine falls unharmed.

The Rox 12 is all about large capacity, and while 16hrs of run time is commendable, it claims even up to 40hrs of ride tracking in energy-saver mode. The device also has plenty of storage. Besides a 8GB internal memory, the Rox 12 has a MicroSD slot that lets you pop in a card for almost limitless data logging and mapping capacity.

Inside the Rox 12 tracks position with GPS & GLONASS, plus a 3-axis compass that keeps you pointed in the correct direction even when you stop riding. A barometer delivers precise altitude tracking combined with automatic calibration.

Then upload everything to the cloud when you are done your ride. Fast WiFi data communication uploads your activity to the Sigma Cloud, links it to the Sigma Link app, as well as several social training sites. The Rox 12 also provides in-device app interfaces for Strava, Training Peaks, Komoot & GPSies (among others) where you can manage rides and upload tracks directly to the device over WiFi. No smartphone or PC connection required.

Pricing & Availability

The new Rox 12 comes in a couple of different options. At first it can be picked in either gray or white standard housings. Then on top of that you can add optional colored cases in wild orange, sky blue or lime green to add a bit of flair. The Rox 12 Sport Basic setup includes the head unit, a basic zip-tie mount, an out front mount with GoPro attachment & a micro-USB cable for $475. Upgrade to the Rox 12 Sport Set and you get all of the same, plus an R2 Duo dual speed & cadence sensor and a R1 Duo heartrate strap, both which communicate with Bluetooth & ANT+.

Either version is available for pre-order now direct from Sigma Sport, with deliveries slated for the last weeks of June 2018.


      • USA is actually one of the largest manufacturers in the world; without diving into policy or politics the misnomer that everything is made in China is inaccurate. We still do make stuff here but the profitability, job quality, benefit of building a head unit that has to retail for <$300 is less than making medical devices or aircraft engines.

  1. This is simply a re-mapped Android phone. That isn’t really an issue its actually a smart use of technology that is vastly powerful than most head units (not that much power is needed in this environment) the frustrating things are they picked such a dated design (seriously looks like a feature phone from 2008), and being that it is basically a cell phone I don’t know why they couldn’t include SIM capability so that you can have wireless data, allowing super up to date mapping and constant communication which is a big deal for the target market.

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