It wasn’t that long ago that there were whispers that ‘XC was dead’. It’s pretty safe to say that this is no longer the case. In fact, XC may be more alive than ever. Thanks to lightning quick bikes that push the envelope of what an “XC bike” is actually capable of, being fast and being fun are no longer mutually exclusive. The latest bike to join that group is the all new Orbea Oiz OMR. On its own, the Oiz looks like a super efficient XC rig that would rip around a World Cup XC track. But add in the additional (and more capable) Two Stroke build and you have two XC race bikes that Orbea says are their best yet.

2019 Orbea Oiz OMR carbon XC mountain bike

Starting with the frame, the OMR moniker means that this is one of the Orbea Monocoque Race designs at the top of the curve.

Orbea Oiz OMR gets a Two Stroke update with their best XC suspension frame yet

The frame is built using full EPS molding for better compaction and less extra resin, while the UFO 2 suspension has been updated for better performance.

Orbea Oiz OMR gets a Two Stroke update with their best XC suspension frame yet

At the heart of the suspension design is a new Fiberlink which is made from long-fiber injected carbon to create a suspension link that is just 59g – which helps the complete frame come in at just 1600g. While the rear triangle features a pivotless flex design, the pivots on the frame feature full complement Enduro Black Oxide bearings.

Orbea Oiz OMR gets a Two Stroke update with their best XC suspension frame yet

The I-Line (or Inside Line) remote lockout is hidden from view – which is the point. The Obea/Fox exclusive hides a remote lockout for the frame inside the top tube for a super clean way to operate the rear shock.

Compared to the 2018 Oiz, the new version has a bit more travel (100 vs. 90mm), along with a slightly higher leverage ratio, and more anti-squat.

Orbea Oiz OMR gets a Two Stroke update with their best XC suspension frame yet

The Oiz also features full ICR (Internal Cable Routing) with shift and brake routing that flow through the downtube and out the chainstays.

Orbea Oiz OMR gets a Two Stroke update with their best XC suspension frame yet

Even though this is an XC race bike, there is also routing for an internal dropper post. The frame is 1x specific and includes an integrated SL chainguide, and it will fit two bottles in the main triangle.

Orbea Oiz OMR gets a Two Stroke update with their best XC suspension frame yet Orbea Oiz OMR gets a Two Stroke update with their best XC suspension frame yet

Following the lead of a few other XC bikes out there, the Oiz is available in a couple of travel versions that Orbea calls XC Two Stroke. There’s the standard XC World Cup version with 100mm of travel, or the longer-travel TR marathon and trail version. The latter being a more capable version with a 120mm Fox StepCast 24mm fork, a shock with a longer stroke to get 120mm of travel out of the rear, and spec changes like a dropper post and larger Maxxis tires. About those tires – most versions of the Oiz will be a 29er, though the 15.5″ frame is available in both 27.5 and 29″ wheel sizes. The new geometry also includes updates like a longer reach, shorter stays, and a slacker head tube angle and steeper seat tube angle.

Orbea Oiz OMR gets a Two Stroke update with their best XC suspension frame yet

Available in standard builds or Orbea’s MyO custom program, the Oiz starts at $4,999 for the M10, to $8,299 for the M-LTD version.



  1. Nice update, I like the fact the frame has two water bottle mounts. However drop link XC bikes are a dime a dozen out of Taiwan these days because they are the easiest to manufacture. Right now the hot ticket in XC is the seat tube mounted link because you get geometric stiffening (anti-bob) in the initial part of the stroke where riders want it.

    Titus Cycles was the first to figure this out which Specialized promply riped off with Titus going chapter 11. Giant just adopted it and Momsen Bikes is coming on strong with their Vipa-Ultra.

    • The main pivot point is what will determine the anti-squat characteristics of the frame, no?

      The placement and angle of the upper link you are referring to can change the compression rate/progressiveness which can alter the amount of bob that you get by making the suspension comparatively “harder” or “softer” early in the travel, but will also lead to effects on small bump performance. Is that what you are talking about?

    • You do know that the new xtr 12s only has 3% less range than a 2×11 (511% vs. 528%) and eagle has 5% less, right?

      I’m glad that brands have stopped feeling the need to cater to front derailleur holdouts and can now build stiffer, lighter, and stronger frames with shorter chainstays and better tire clearance for the rest of us

      • You do know that range is not everything and that some people may enjoy riding a drivetrain with tighter gear spacing, right?

        I ride 1x myself but ever since I stopped using this bike for certain ride scenarios. Simply sucks. I can understand why not everyone is happy with 1x only options.

        • it’s a race bike, 2X is defenitely not suited to mtb racing. On any nervous part of a race you don’t want to change ring. Also most you’ll spend a lot of time big big or small small, the in between, which is not good. And that’s before eventual dropped chain. In the old time i raced 3 ring which was decent because you could do most of the race on the middle ring. It was bad however at keeping the chain in rough sections. 2X make no sense.

        • The average step on a 10s 11-36 and a 11s 11-42 is 14%. The average step on an Eagle 10-50 or M9100 10-51 is 16% while the average step on an M9100 10-45 will be 15%.

          Everyone is entitled to their perception but it’s hard to imagine that more than a handful of riders worldwide have that level of cadence sensitivity- especially off road.

          But good news! The new Canyon Lux looks very similar has a front derailleur mount.

  2. The new canyon lux has an outdated geometry already, too steep fork and not long enough. This new orbea it’s better, more similar to the new santa cruz’s. santa cruz nailed it. The UNNO frames go into the deep extreme with an uber long and tiny stem, and 65 degrees head angle in a race xc frame!!! canyon definitely not there, outdated again, just like their hardtail born already outdated with no boost. Canyon can’t fight th big boys with such a low prices, the put the money on advertising, i bet the have even less engineers than santa cruz or specialized…

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