Taking the same name as BMC’s TT bike, it’s clear what the intention was for the new carbon Timemachine Road disc brake only, aero road bike. Whether racing against the clock, the entire peloton, the bunch sprint, or simply trying to set a new personal best, the Timemachine Road goes all in to be faster.

all photos courtesy of BMC

And thumbing its nose at the UCI’s rules against fairings, it adds a some wind cheating tricks that the average rider can take advantage of, or can be unbolted if a commissaire governs your riding. Every component of the new aero road bike seeks to work together against the wind, resulting in BMC’s most integrated road bike to date.

BMC Timemachine Road carbon aero race road bike

The new 2019 BMC Timemachine Road aero road bike gets a stealthy look, with a heavy dose of overall component integration in the hopes of gaining free speed against the wind.

With a design developed from detail CFD simulation, through to wind tunnel testing, then to extensive tests on the track & on the road, BMC’s new aero road bike combines aerodynamically refined frame shaping with a neatly integrated ICS Aero cockpit bar+stem combo, and a unique Aero Module that combines two tucked-in water bottles with a universal storage box.

Developed as a World Tour ready race bike, the Timemachine Road promises pro sprint-ready stiffness, combined with tuned compliance across the bike to ensure you make it to the finish line fresh instead of aero bike beaten up.

Tech Details

For the time being, the new Timemachine Road is available exclusively in BMC’s top ‘level 1’ premium carbon layup. That yields a frame with a claimed weight of 980g (size 54, including paint & hardware), and an uncut 410g fork. The full length aero seatpost adds another 190g. Outside of the aero optimized frame itself, it is the other integrated components that stand out.

Integrated Cockpit System Aero cockpit two-piece bar+stem

The Timemachine Road features BMC’s new ICS (Integrated Cockpit System) Aero cockpit combining bar & stem with a minimal frontal area, yet retains fit adjustability thanks to its two-piece design.

The cockpit features stealthy internal cable routing for reduced drag, but still gets +/-9° of angle adjustability, four stem lengths (100-130mm) & three bar widths (40-44cm.) The carbon ICS also incorporates an integrated Garmin or GoPro mount that extends directly off the faceplate.

Aero Module integrated water bottle cages & storage box

Beyond the cockpit, the all-new Aero Module is the wildest looking integration on the new Timemachine Road. Something we’re more used to seeing on a triathlon bike or even an endurance/adventure setup, the Aero Module combines a downtube bottle cage together with a seattube bottle cage, sneaking a storage box in between. BMC was unsatisfied with how every aero road design they tested was hurt by extra drag from airflow detachment from even low yaw angles coming off standard water bottles.

So, the modular set up is explicitly designed to cheat the wind, closing the gap from the frame over standard water bottles, with the added benefit of hauling a spare tube, mini-tool, tire levers & CO2 inflation low in the bike. And if the UCI cries afoul of its fairings on your weekend run, pop it off and run standard bottle cages instead.

Timemachine Road aero disc brake fork

The Timemachine Road’s fork gets some special design treatment too. First the disc only fork gets special asymmetric shaping to handle brake forces, and a Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC) Speed carbon layup that promises road buzz eating comfort even with its are shaping. But it’s probably the Integrated Aero Cover over the brake caliper that is the most eye-catching.

Designed to shape the flow of air across the flat mount front brake caliper at a wider range of yaw angles, it is also removable to adjust the caliper (and possibly to appease the UCI?) The fork gets a direct front brake caliper mount behind that fairing (I mean integral shroud) that ditches the typical adapter plate, but makes the front 160mm rotor only.

The bike uses a proprietary Kamm tail shaped aero seatpost and a hidden wedge-style post binder. The head of the post is quite adjustable though, offering 0, 15, or 30mm effective offsets.

Back to the Timemachine Road frame itself, BMC claims class leading bottom bracket and rear triangle stiffness to meet the needs of their pro sprinters. And the TCC Speed carbon tech & dropped seatstays carry through to reduce road vibration, minimize rider fatigue on long days in the saddle. The rear of the bike also gets a bolt-on 12mm thru-axle, here with 140 or 160mm flat mount disc  compatibility.

The Timemachine Road features modular internal cable management, a Di2 junction box accessed within the bottle cage, a tapered 1.125-1.25″ steerer, and a PF86 bottom bracket. BMC designed the bike around a measured 25mm tire, and says a maximum 28mm wide tire will fit with acceptable clearance.

Pricing & Availability

The new Timemachine Road is available in three complete builds and a 4200€ frameset ‘module’ (including frame, fork, bar+stem, bottle cages/storage, seatpost & saddle) all sharing the same Timemachine Road 01 carbon frame & fork in a six size range (47-61cm).

The top Timemachine Road 01 One gets fitted with Dura-Ace Di2 and 62mm deep DT Swiss ARC 1100 tubeless wheels, but non-tubeless Vittora Corsa 25c tires, oh and a whopping 12,000€ price tag.

Not much cheaper, the 10,000€ Timemachine Road 01 Two opts for SRAM Red eTap and 62mm deep DT Swiss ARC 1400 tubeless wheels which just get a slightly lower spec hub, and again get the same non-tubeless Corsa 25s.

The most affordable Timemachine Road 01 is still not even close to cheap at 8000€, with a Ultegra Di2 groupset and the ARC1400 wheels.

All of the complete bikes, and the module include the ICS Aero bar+stem combo, and the Aero Module hydration & storage solution for max aero gains. Find them all soon at your local BMC dealer.



  1. really verry very nice looking bike.
    for myself i prefer external cable und mechanic brakes.
    better for maintenance.

    • how often do you maintain the electrical wires in your walls of your house or the hydraulic brake lines in your car, never really

  2. BMC = Bring More Cash. (Nailed it, Dan). I’m sure it is all sorts of different types of fast, compliant and outstanding. It is also absurdly expensive. I hope the people that buy this find the satisfaction they seek.

    • In all fairness you can easily buy an Allez Sprint DSW or a Bowman Palace:R (in my case we bought both), build them it up with Ultegra R8000 for 1760 bucks or less and have an amazing race machine that’ll easily be more capable than you’ll ever be. These are just aspirational products; bicycles are bought far more with emotion than logic and the person that buys this is likely the same kind of person who buys a BMW Z4 instead of a Mazda MX-5 the few extra grand makes zero difference in their lives.

    • I guess but look at the costs of the Allez Sprint DSW with mechanical ultegra world tour level bike for <2 grand. These (Venge, Madone, etc.) are aspirational goods aimed at consumers who think nothing of dropping 10 grand on a bike

  3. These minute aero gains, are they tested sans rider or with a rider. Just seems like the airflow coming off a riders legs will have more effect on the lower frame area than anything else.

    As for prices…bike everything has gotten insane. Not sure how people justify a lot of these prices to themselves, but as someone above said, hopefully it gives them satisfaction.

  4. Finally, a manufacturer listened! An aero bike with a decent front-center distance!

    Styling looks pretty good. Love the horizontal top tube and integrated storage box.

    But the price. 🙁 And the 25 mm proprietary handlebars. 🙁

    • It doesn’t make sense to want to run this stem with any other bars in the first place, because these bars feed the hydraulic lines and Di2 wires in a way that wouldn’t work with another bar. I think it should be possible to put a regular ICS stem on there though..

  5. Sharp looking bike. The bottle and storage system is pretty innovative and well executed, but still ends up looking a bit congested and cluttered in that area.

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