Unless you’re a pro, there are certain parts you just can’t get. It’s not that the parts start off that different from something available off the shelf, but it’s how they’re prepared for racing that sets them apart. When it comes to Chris King hubs, that would be their BuzzWorks Speed Tuned hubs which are supposedly the fastest CK hubs you can get. And up until now, they’ve never been available to consumers.

All photos c. Chris King

However, if you purchase one of the new ENVE x Dimension Data Limited Edition wheelsets from Chris King, you’ll finally have access to the ultimate CK speed. The ultra limited edition wheels are available in just 10 sets with a price tag of $3,250. That includes ENVE 3.4 or 4.5 SES rims laced to Chris King R45 hubs with the custom Buzzworks Speed Tune. Chris King says that since they have been making their own bearings for the past 40 years, they’re able to tune them like the engine of a car, and these are built for speed. That speed does come with a cost however, as the hubs have a shortened 120-180 day service interval  – though with proper maintenance they should get faster with age.

The wheelsets come with Dimension Data Matte Emerald hubs and Mark Cavendish signature team decals to finish off the look. As mentioned, only 10 sets are available and the wheels have a 3 week lead time.



  1. You had me right up to “Dimension Data Matte Emerald hubs and Mark Cavendish signature team decals to finish off the look”.

    Not a fan of that boy.

  2. Seriously ? What a total BS “tuning like a car engine” once a hub is manufactured you can “tune” the preload, the seals and the lubrication (you can’t improve the geometry, can’t improve the bearing unless you literally change them).
    If service needs to be more frequent then that mean either a thinner lubricants and / or less seals.
    Nothing wrong with this it is done for 30 years… no need to claim that a special department, with highly trained Elfs do some magic on the hubs during a full moon night… :/

      • Agree as well. Super duper high end hubs on the road are a bit silly we all know that if something like this is actually effecting your race outcomes you’re not paying or really even getting to chose your equipment your pro cycling team is.

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