Merida is about to introduce a ground-up revamp of their 120mm travel trail bike, that makes the bike lighter, more durable, and more playful. The mid travel One-Twenty goes back to the basics of mountain biking, where one bike is all most riders need for everything from aggressive cross-country to proper technical trail riding, and with three different carbon and/or ally frame combinations that can work in a range of budgets.

2019 Merida One-Twenty trail mountain bike

Merida wanted to redevelop a proper all-rounder trail mountain bike, so they took the One-Twenty back to the drawing board. Now pairing 130mm travel forks to the revamped 120mm of rear travel the new One-Twenty can be built up as a more burly trail bike or a lightweight all-day marathon race bike.

From the outside the new trail bike looks a lot like the old One-Twenty (which didn’t have a full-carbon option), sharing the same high pivot faux-bar suspension design with a floating lower shock mount on the extended chainstay, albeit with a lower leverage ratio trunnion mount shock.

But Merida has made the new family of bikes more durable with a more beefy set of chainstays and larger main pivot bearings.

Updated Geometry

Those chainstays have actually shortened by 10mm as well for a snappier ride, and now clear up to 2.35″ tires (with 30mm internal rims). The new stays are now just 435mm long on the 29ers (sizes S-XL), while the smaller 27.5 bikes get 430mm stays (sizes S & M). Overall geometry is a bit more slack too for technical riding, with the new 29er slackening 1.7° to 67.3° making for a confident descender.

In addition to making the bike stronger to withstand more aggressive trail riding, the move to carbon also drop a bunch of weight. While this is still not meant to be a weight weenie bike, the new CF4 frame drops 400g off the previous One-Twenty.

The new One-Twenty is optimized for 1x drivetrains, with its high pivot strategically placed to align with efficient pedaling for the standard 32T chainring.

The bike uses a BB92 bottom bracket, gets Boost spacing, a 180mm post mount rear brake, and a tapered integrated headset. The carbon bikes are 1x only, but the alloy front triangles can mount a low direct mount front derailleur.

Bike/Frame Construction Options

While the old One-Twenty was an aluminum-only bike, the new One-Twenty has three frameset options. The top-level One-Twenty 9000 & 8000 will share the same carbon frameset that pairs a carbon main triangle to a carbon rear end, with a two-piece alloy rocker for all bikes. Claimed weight for a One-Twenty 9000 with shock hardware is 2102g (in medium) or 2417g once you throw in all

The new One-Twenty 6000 will get the same carbon front end, but swap in an alloy rear end to keep pricing more affordable.

Then a whole family of alloy bikes One-Twenty 800 down to 400, will share a new LITE aluminum frame with 6061 forged parts & 6066 tubing, that gets the same geometry updates as the carbon bikes.


  1. Too bad not available in the US. Have seen some Merida bikes that would loved to check out. But as long has they own a big chunk of Specialized (Merida builds Specialized bikes last I knew), then one be found in the US unless brought in from overseas.

  2. I can’t believe specialized has never imported some of the high end Merida bikes. I believe they would have a good sale through

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