If you are sold on our #Vanlife series, Yakima’s new HangOver might be the new hitch mount bike rack for you. As part of their 2019 HD Truck Rack collection, Yakima has their first vertical bike rack setup, plus a solid rooftop tent, and a tidy cargo basket, among other hauling solutions.

2019 Yakima HangOver vertical hitch mount bike rack

The vertical HangOver bike rack is what first caught our eye out of Yakima’s new heavy-duty truck rack range. They say it is the first vertical bike rack to meet their own demanding standards for strength, stability & security.

Built for heading out on group rides, there’s a HangOver that will safely haul six mountain bikes back-and-forth to the trailhead for $700. A smaller version pares that back to four bikes for $550.

Either HangOver works by hanging the forks over a horizontal bar that rotates the bike’s handlebar to pack more bikes into less space. A sloped rubberized/padded top of the cross bar supports the right leg of the fork, while a series of rubberized prongs sandwich the left side of the fork crown, before a rubber strap tightens down over the right side of the fork crown and a strap grabs the rear wheel.

The method of attachment limits it to standard suspension forks only, but the rocking lower wheel cups should work no matter the bike’s size or wheelbase.

Everything fits (and locks securely into place) into a 2″ square hitch receiver (no word if a 1.25″ version will be offered), and an easy-to-operate tilt mechanism makes accessing a truck’s tailgate or a van’s rear door mostly straight forward once the bikes are off. And yes, it includes Yakima’s signature built-in bottle opener for post-ride refreshment (I mean only one person needs to drive, right‽)


2019 Yakima HD Truck Rack collection

Beyond the bike rack Yakima’s HD Truck Rack collection has plenty more tricks to share, on top of a few different sets of heavy duty rack frames for your pickup.

The SkyRise HD is a new 4-season rooftop tent, roomier & more durable than their previous version. The tent gets more usable space inside and expanded windows, doors, and skylights for better views & airflow.

The thicker 600D Ripstop bodied tent packs down well for transit, and gets a new adjustable height ladder design, and comes in two sizes. The SkyRise HD Small sells for $1600 and the SkyRise HD Medium for $2000, both of which mount to standard cross bars.

A new $330 steel SkinnyWarrior cargo basket was developed to fit on roofs packed with other gear or in between bike trays while offering secure overflow storage.



  1. Stuart on

    Looks like a North Shore NS-6 copy. That said, Recon is a better design and holds by the wheel rather than fork crown. Rubby-rubby with that design I would think.

    • Terry on

      Yeah I agree RE North Shore. Kind of a shame actually since NS still welds theirs locally. I also 2nd your thought about recon. I hope this doesn’t put NS out of business

  2. Dougie Fresh on

    dont understand these racks… How do you access the back taigate if you have a camper shell and the back doors to your van? I think the swing-away style racks are ideal for vans and trucks with camper shells.

    • treeruns on

      You cant access the back at all, or use the rack if you have a camper shell on you truck. the entire weight of the bike is on the stem and the fork crown. I am sure they will update their design, but how did this get passed engineering. the hooks are single post inserts in to the top beam. Long term, this thing WILL fail. Also look at the distance between the rear wheel and the ground. They will tell you to buy their swing out to cover the failure in design.

      • Ezilyamuzed on

        There are multiple photos of bikes mounted on the rack and a camper shell on the truck. Why would you say you can’t use it with a camper shell?

        Do you have a clue how much force is placed on the stem/fork landing dropoffs and jumps? Any you claim that it can’t handle the 30ish lbs from hanging? I store my bikes hanging by their front wheel — should I worry that’s going to snap my frame?

  3. Dan on

    Clearly a poor copy of a North Shore Rack 6. Probably made in Asia like most Yakima stuff, plastic parts, plastic ratchet straps. Looks hard to load with all those straps which I just wouldn’t have patience for. For my money I would stick with the North American made NSR!

  4. treeruns on

    vertical is the name of the game, there is a true differentiator in all these racks. Contact with frame is a major NONO. Who wants to hook a carbon bar, frame, on a U hook and send all that vibration and force thru their handle bar. none of these racks give you clearance for back doors and truck tailgates. checkout http://www.altaracks.com. Bomb proof.

    • Ezilyamuzed on

      Please show me where it contacts the frame. The fork stanchion fits in guide and the crown sits on the rack, secured by a strap. Nowhere does it contact the frame.


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