With more bikes moving to the trunnion mount standard, shock companies are following suit. To make sure they’re not left behind, Cane Creek just announced a new trunnion mount version of both their DB Air CS and DB Coil CS rear shocks.

Cane Creek springs new trunnion mount versions of DB Air CS & DB Coil CS shocks

Built with all the same four way independent adjustability as their non-trunnion cousins, the two trunnion shocks will be available in sizes from 185mm x 50mm to 225mm x 75mm. Available now, the shocks are priced the same as non-trunnion versions with the DB Air CS at $695 and the DB Coil CS at $620-$680 depending on the spring.



  • DB Coil CS – 454 grams (weight varies by size, spring configuration, and spring rate)
  • DB Air CS – 500 grams (weight caries by size)


  • Twin Tube independent compression and rebound in two high-speed and four low-speed damping circuits.


  • 4-way independent adjustment:
    • High-speed compression
    • Low-speed compression
    • High-speed rebound
    • Low-speed rebound
    • Climb Switch On/Off


  • 185 x 50mm
  • 185 x 55mm
  • 205 x 60mm
  • 205 x 65mm
  • 225 x 70mm
  • 225 x 75mm


  • Anodized and laser-etched


  • Hand built in North Carolina, USA


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