Ever tried to install a bottle cage or two, only to have the bottom or top of the bottle interfere with something else on the frame? Us too. Fortunately, products like the Wolf Tooth B-Rad system exist so that you can position your cage wherever you’d like.

What’s that? You don’t want to add additional parts to your cage just to get it to work with your frame? Well it appears that Wolf Tooth has thought of that too – with the help of the legendary King Cage.


Called the Morse Cage for the dot-dash mounting pattern, the cages possess four different mounting locations with a total of 32mm of vertical adjustment. The collaboration involves Wolf Tooth producing the base plates which are stamped, while the cages are made in Durango, Colorado as usual by King Cage.

King Cage & Wolf Tooth join up for adjustable Stainless & Ti bottle cages King Cage & Wolf Tooth join up for adjustable Stainless & Ti bottle cages

Available in both stainless steel and titanium, the Morse Cage includes all the benefits of a standard King cage including the ability to bend it back in the even of a crash, and the non-marring qualities of the metal.

In terms of weight, the stainless cages come in at 58g, while the titanium cages drop it down to 32g. Both cages are available now, and sell for $24.95 in stainless, or $69.95 in titanium.






  1. King Cages are the bomb. Maybe not the prettiest welds but that way you know that they’re made in some dude’s garage in Durango.

  2. I love mine! I am now able to get a large bottle into my XL Trek Top Fuel 9.9 frame. Regular cages sat too high and a short bottle was tough to get back in.

  3. Elite Cussi Inox ! stainless steel tubes, unchanged for +40y – will last forever at a fraction of the cost at 42g,

    and can be equally shaped, if you shoukd brake it. Weld it back together without any special tools or skills.

  4. I have to imagine about half of bottle cage manufacturers are looking at this saying, “Well yeah we could have drilled more holes but obviously we would have if it was really necessary,” and the other half are going, “Why didn’t we think of this?!”

    • Also holy f I did not look at that price until after I commented. Two “normal” cages, a cheap drill, and a decent bit will set you back less than two of these. And I’m not even that guy.

      • You are exactly that guy. A plastic Elite cage is $20. This one–more versatile, made of stainless steel, made in USA–costs $4.95 more. You are that guy.

  5. Awesome “why the heck not” idea. Kind made me a cage a few years back so I could fit a one liter Zefal Magnum bottle in my Remedy.

    I figured how much offset I wanted from normal, and he welded it up. Charged me an extra couple bucks.

    Great cages, from an apparently great guy.

  6. I don’t understand why none of the cages manufacturers thought about this option (when I think most of us have thought abut it). It is something very obvious and simple.

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