Buzz Rack isn’t quite as well known, but the Taiwanese bike rack company makes both the standard range of rear mount bike racks for your car, and also some other innovative bike mounting solutions. Their freestanding Eco Work Stand and wall mounted Wall Work Stand are unique enough to pique our curiosity. Both share the super simple head design that eliminates any fear of over-clamping your precious carbon bike.

Buzz Rack affordable home Eco & Wall Work Stands

The all steel stand gets a bright green rubberized plastic set of jaws that cradles your bike by the seatpost and underside of the saddle rails. The two opposing C-shapes of the head cradle most seatpost sizes (deep aero posts aren’t going to work though) and the little pyramid at the stop slides between your saddle rails to keep the bike from rotating. It’s a simple solution that holds the bike surprisingly securely, and now the Eco Work Stand gets longer folding legs for more stability. The great thing about simplicity is that it is cheap too, just $40 on Amazon.

And now the freestanding stand is joined by a new wall-mount version that folds out of the way when not in use, and is even cheaper at just $20.

Buzz Rack affordable folding car hitch/ball-mount bike racks

Back in the realm of bike hauling rear racks for your car, I really like the new ball-mount Buzzwing 1. Sometimes you just want to haul a single dirty bike on the back without worrying about stuffing it inside the car. At 6.3kg/13.9lb it’s still light to easily take on and off and folds to fit in the truck or out of the way at home.

The new generation Buzzwing racks use a pair of rubberized wheel trays with long straps for secure wheel mounting and a new grippy rubber pad with a rubber coated strap to clamp the downtube to the vertical post. And depending on how many bikes you want to haul, they comes in 1, 2, 3, or 4 bike models. Rack pricing is still affordable, just not as crazy low as the workstands, but expect these to range from around $180-350 when they become available later this year.


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