Just by looking at the numbers, you can tell that the Dirty Kanza is hard. Really hard. 200 miles of gravel through the Flint Hills of Kansas will make anyone take it seriously. GRIT is the story of four riders of The Adrenalin Project (TAP), as they took on the 2018 Dirty Kanza. When combined with the artistic abilities of Director Isaiah Jay, you end up with a beautiful short film about the struggles and triumphs of the race.

During the early morning hours of June 2, 2018, over 1,000 cyclists poured into the modest downtown of Emporia, Kansas. Located within the state’s eastern Flint Hills region, Emporia represented the starting line from which the horde of cyclists would set out on the remote, 200-mile gravel-road race known as the Dirty Kanza.

Grit follows four riders from The Adrenalin Project (TAP)—a collective of endurance athletes focused on celebrating their competitive environments—as they labor through the race’s grueling terrain and summon the will to keep grinding ahead, from one checkpoint to the next.

Produced in partnership with Enve Composites, Life Time, TAP, and Amp HP.

Isaiah Jay – Director / DP  www.instagram.com/isaiahjay

Kevin Warwick – Creative Director / Writer

Follow the athletes of the Adrenalin Project at instagram.com/theadrenalinproject/

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