So you need a bike to ride around town, but you’d also like something capable of a little adventure? Sounds like you might need something like the new Jamis Sequel – a flat bar adventure bike perfectly suited for the mean streets, or the endless gravel roads just outside of town.

Starting with a Reynolds 520 frame with double butted chomoly main tubes, the Sequel uses Jamis’ Size Specific Design Geometry. Their SSD geo utilizes two different fork offsets and three BB drops depending on the size to offer the ideal ride, no matter what size.

Rolling on 650b x 47mm WTB tires, the frame and chromoly steel fork offer tons of mounting options for bags, bottles, fenders, and more. Fitted with hydraulic disc brakes and a simple 1×10 drivetrain, the Sequel is meant to be versatile, but also low maintenance.

Additional frame details include front and rear 12mm thru axles, a threaded bottom bracket, and post mount disc brakes front and rear.

Better yet, it’s priced at just $999 and is available in Charcoal or Desert Storm colors. Sizing is available from 15″ up to 23″ frames to fit a pretty wide range of riders.

Even better than paying $999 though, is getting it for free. Which is possible right now thanks to the giveaway Jamis is sponsoring along with Blackburn and Bern helmets. To enter, hop on Instagram and follow the instructions to win the whole prize pack. The winner will be chosen after the contest ends on 11/14.


  1. I do not understand the trend/allure of paint jobs on new bike that look like I could have done it in my garage. And no, I am not a painter.

      • Smart move to imitate due to Surly’s success, or this type of paint is good for a city bike?
        I’ll disagree with the later as an owner of a Surly LHT. The satin finish looks cheap and shows just as many scratches and scuffs (maybe more of those) than gloss and is harder to keep clean.
        Plus we have cool products like paint protection film now.

        I’m sure someone likes it though.

        • For this kind of utility bike, any kind of visual nod to Surly is going to connote quality. I’ve had a few Surlys now and that’s what the photos made me think of immediately. Whether the paint’s any good is another question.

  2. Weird that Jamis would partner with Blackburn for this. Blackburn is a Vista Outdoor brand and I don’t see Jamis as a company that would take sides in the assault weapons issue, at least not aligning with an assault weapons firm. Bad business especially in the adventure cycling market which doesn’t overlap much with the pro-assault weapons crowd. Interesting to see how it plays out.

    • You notice that Giro has a lot of ads going as well, custom helmets and a big snowjob promo ‘article’ on cyclingtips. By announcing that they intended to sell off these subsidiaries, and now a lot of promotion, Vista is probably trying to sugar coat the bad taste left in normal people’s mouths by Blackburn et al being owned by an arms distributor.

    • Adventure cycling and bike-packing is one area that does align with gun owners and hunters. Reminds me of when I first realized the multi-day possibilities of adventure by canoe. Just like there is always the right bike for the task at hand, rifles and pistols often fit well with adventure.

    • How does one take sides on firearms when partnering with another bike brand? Blackburn or Giro or Bell have had zero to do with firearms, they are bike/helmet brands and have been since the start!

      If you want to do good promote cycling which is good for mental health! That is what all of those companies do! Better mental health leads to less issues in society.

      Back to the bike, it is a neat bike! Steel is real and Jamis does a good job with it.

    • Don’t see many hybrids with clearance for 650x47s, much less actually equipped with 650x47s.

      What we’ve almost come full circle to, here, is early mountain bikes. This looks a helluva lot like a steel Rock Hopper from the mid-80’s with a disc brake conversion and a modern(ish) drivetrain.

  3. Vista Outdoor has been planning to get out of most of these bicycle brands (Bell, Giro, Blackburn, etc) and even firearm brands predating the events that “woke” the bike folk of their ownership. So no worries people – all that happens when this gets rehashed is bring out the 2nd Amendment thumpers. It took a long time to bring down big Tobacco (watching that frighted the gun manufacturers as it should any corporation that produces a product that is hazardous to it’s owners and society) – It will take longer to make us safe from mass killings.
    Vista Outdoors is just going to stick to ammo sales. The only really curious thing is why they thought it was a good idea to own these bicycle products brands. History repeatedly proves it’s a bad investment long and short-term. Gun brands as investment that’s another story – long-term might change but one can only wish.

  4. Wow what a bunch of barking moon bats!
    Nice bike for the price.
    I’m glad I’ve held out for a new commuter bike.
    I’ll have to add my. PRO 2A .stickers, just to piss off the morons out there.
    Fortunately, firearms manufactures like Savage (vista outdoors).who make modern sporting rifles are protected from B.S.frivolous lawsuits.

    Oh B.T.W. if the military has a FULL AUTO m4 carbine assault rifle.
    And my SEMI AUTO AR15’S is semi auto only than I DO NOT own an assult weapon.
    It’s more than just semantics.

    Back to the Sequel.
    Local bike shop is good friends with the Jamis rep so I should have one to demo soon!

  5. I really really wish I could get this as a frameset.. I’ve looked at one at the LBS and decided I’m getting one.
    BUT, the first thing I’m doing is upgrading to the M8000 SLX groupset, brakes and all. 1×11 46-11/32t
    will match my riding well and I’ll feel much better about the better brakes given the amount of weight I haul in my trailer…

  6. UPDATE:

    Ordered a 19″ in tan about a week ago after taking another test ride. Expecting to hear from the LBS any day now. Also, ordered and am about to receive the full SLX groupset from Jensonusa as well as a pair of
    Vittoria Mezcal 27.5 x 2.25. I’m expecting them to just clear the frame, but we’ll see. I’ll throw a post here once I put up a walk around and review on youtube…

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