Until now Factor Bikes have stuck exclusively to smooth roads with their uniquely aero road and TT bikes. That’s all set to change as much of the same lessons learned in aero road get translated to what looks like a slippery fast aero gravel road bike – the all-new Factor Vista.

2019 Factor Vista aero carbon, all-road gravel bike

2019 Factor Vista aero carbon, all-road gravel bike

Factor actually stops short of calling the all-new Vista a gravel bike, instead labelling it ‘all-road’. That distinction does signal the bikes intentions a bit. This is meant to be a super fast aero bike with 700c wheels destined for fact mixed-surface riding and racing, with enough tire clearance to take on gravel roads, but also four-season road riding versatility as well – never confined to smooth asphalt.

Factor Vista aero gravel bike – Tech Details

2019 Factor Vista aero carbon, all-road gravel bike

At first glance, it is the OTIS (One Total Integration System) All-Road fork that stands out on the new bike with its external steerer in front of the headtube.

2019 Factor Vista aero carbon, all-road gravel bike

Usually found on TT or even aero bikes like the split-downtube One, Factor says the OTIS-AR fork allowed them to keep the frontal area low (with a straight 1.125″ steerer) and the steering precision high, while building shock & vibration absorption into the thin tapering fork legs for all-day, all-road comfort.

2019 Factor Vista aero carbon, all-road gravel bike

The front end is rounded out with a OTIS-AR integrated cockpit as well. Fitting neatly inline with the fork, the ‘barstem’ promises handling precision with a vertically comfortable layup thanks mostly to a wide, flat stem design. The bar gets a slight backsweep on the tops and a bit of flare in the drops for more off-road comfort. It is an entirely proprietary setup, with the barstem bolted directly to the top of the fork, not clamped traditionally to the upper steerer tube extension. Stack is adjustable with spacers, but no Reach or bar angle adjustment is possible, and you can’t simply swap out a conventional bar & stem setup.

2019 Factor Vista aero carbon, all-road gravel bike

The frame itself features super thin seatstays dropped low to take both aero advantage and offer more comfort, paired with stout chainstays for pedaling efficiency. The entire frameset, including the bar & seatpost use all-road optimized carbon layup for all day riding comfort over mixed terrain. The squared-off proprietary seatpost is especially designed to flex to reduce fatigue on long, rough rides.

2019 Factor Vista aero carbon, all-road gravel bike

The frame and fork both feature room for up to 35mm tires making the Vista truly capable for any type of roads (still with at least 4mm clearance all around). Plus, both ends of the bike feature low profile hidden fender mounts using removable eyelet hardware, flat mount disc brakes, and 12mm thru-axles.

2019 Factor Vista aero carbon, all-road gravel bike

The bike gets fully internal cable routing, which Factor says is “hassle-free”, in both frame and fork, plus the integrated cockpit. The Vista is designed to work with whatever drivetrain you choose, compatible with electronic and mechanical solutions, and both 1x and traditional double drivetrains (including a removable front derailleur tab).

The bike features a PF4630 bottom bracket, and the frame kit includes a CeramicSpeed BB with Wheels Mfg BBRight adapters.

Black Inc. Thirty carbon tubeless all-road wheelset

Available with the bike are a set of 21mm internal x 30mm deep carbon wheels from Black Inc. The Black Inc Thirty wheels feature centerlock hubs, CeramicSpeed bearings, and a tubeless rim with tape & valves installed and ready for your tubeless all-road tire of choice.

Factor Vista aero gravel bike – All-Road Geometry

2019 Factor Vista aero carbon, all-road gravel bike geometry

Designed as an all-road bike to churning away the longest rides without being limited to road surface, Factor gives the Vista a newly developed all-road geometry. Optimized for 30-35mm tires, the bike gets extra bottom bracket drop and more fork offset to deliver trail figures and consistent handling for all five frames sizes 49-58cm), no matter the terrain.

Factor Vista aero gravel bike – Spec & Availability

 2019 Factor Vista aero carbon, all-road gravel bike

The new Factor Vista is an integrated solution kind of bike, so it will come primarily as a system chassis frame kit, including the RGi carbon frame & fork, the one-piece OTIS bar+stem, a Cane Creek 110 headset, and the 20mm setback seatpost. Starting off the Vista frame kit is available now from dealers worldwide in one of two paint schemes – the standard gray, or a special edition CHPT3 Devesa black.

 2019 Factor Vista aero carbon, all-road gravel bike

The CHPT3 x Factor Vista Devesa Edition pays homage to the Devesa forest outside of Girona, which feeds fresh air to the many pro cyclists that call the Spanish city a second home for training. The collaboration with ex-pro David Millar is as much about exploring the mixed-surface roads around Girona, as it is Millar’s freedom to explore away from the most well-known road climbs in his active retirement.



  1. I am surprised at the limited tire clearance – this seems a little too niche to compete with the other gravel options out there at a premium pricing level. But perhaps it’s just aimed at the pavé killer quivers …

  2. interested to see what happens to the headtube/fork when the debris build-up inherent in “all-road” riding comes into play. not pointing a finger at a flaw, just genuinely curious if such a design is tenable.

    • Well, I don’t care about aero for gravel bikes too. However, a fully integrated cockpit looks pretty nice and clean and I think we will see more and more fully integrated cockpits beyond those bikes using it for aero advantage.

  3. Cool an off road Dengfu R05 aero integration is not what I want in a bike designed for all roads, however, there is definitely a market for this.

  4. Integrating aerodynamic features is synonymous less with creating marginal gains, and more with creating a clean look. While yes, you’ll save a couple watts, the end result is a clean front end on a practical allrounder All-Road whip. The ability to change stack without removing cables, cutting a steerer, or adjusting a headset, sign me up. Nicely done. Similar integration of cables and housing is the future of clean design. Can’t wait to hear how it rides, off road, and on.

  5. Who on earth is going to buy a gravel bike that only takes 35mm tyres? A huge mistake on a potentially great gravel racing bike option.

  6. I like where they are going. They are not trying to make a gravel bike, they are making a more versatile endurance bike. This is more in the genre of the Mason Resolution, the first generation Diverge, the Focus Paralane, and the GT Grade. For a 90% pavement and 10% hard pack/rail trail/poorly kept bitumen, 32mm to 35mm tyres add a lot of comfort and cost little in speed. I’m riding a 2015 Defy maxxed out with 28mm tyres. I also ride a gravel bike and have two sets of wheels. One set has 35mm Compass tyres. I’m really enjoying the wider tyres and giving up little in speed. I’d choose this Vista over a Synapse/Defy/Roubaix when I replace the Defy, run some 35mm clicks on some wide carbon wheels. This is what endurance bike will look like in a few years time.

  7. I like this bikes direction. I don’t want to ride singletrack with my gravel bike. I want it for “gravel” and dirt roads that are not super technical, so 35mm tires are plenty. I’d probably stick with 32mm Conti 4-season’s most of the time anyway.

  8. After about 10 rides on the ViSTA I can say it performs magically both on pavement and off. If a bike has clearance for 42+ tire sizes it can compromise the desired geometry and make it less race oriented. Not a problem here. For the riding I do a 35 tire is plenty. Fantastic bike all around.

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