Back at Sea Otter last spring we got an early look at Sage Titanium’s first mountain bike – the Flow Motion all-mountain hardtail. Now six months later, the Portland-made 29er/27.5 (almost+) ti hardtail is ready to hit the trail, available from North American dealers or direct from Sage. And now we have a lot more details…

Sage Flow Motion titanium all-mountain hardtail mountain bike

Sage Flow Motion titanium all-mountain hardtail mountain bike

Designed for aggressive trail riding, the Flow Motion hardtail pairs with long 150mm or 160mm suspension forks to take on the most technical terrain. With a 65.5° or 65° head angle (depending on for travel, respectively), the Boost-spaced Flow Motion frame is ready to soak up big jumps and rough descents.

Sage Flow Motion titanium all-mountain hardtail – Tech Details

Sage Flow Motion titanium all-mountain hardtail mountain bike

With room for 27.5 x 2.6″ or 29 x 2.25″ tires (a bit less than was originally promised, once you factor in proper clearance), the Flow Motion is meant to be versatile for all manner of mountain bike trail riding.

In fact, the bike was originally meant to be 27.5 plus-sized, but as Sage moved the bike into production they chose to aim for more of a middle ground of big 27.5″ tire clearance since that was what most riders were actually looking for in an aggressive all-mountain hardtail for technical terrain. 29er setups weren’t really an afterthought, but Sage figure that riders looking to set the bike up with a slightly shorter travel fork might opt for 29″ trail wheels and slightly narrower tires.

As Sage also notes, if you really need more clearance, they are always happy to talk with riders about building a fully custom frame too.

Sage Titanium Flow Motion ti hardtail mountain bike with long travel fork for trail riding and enduro

The bike gets external routing to easily set up & maintain the 1x-only drivetrain, plus semi internal routing for a stealth dropper seatpost to get up and down the hills.

Sage Flow Motion titanium all-mountain hardtail mountain bikeSage calls the ti bike ‘light and snappy’ delivering both the fancy premium looks of precision US-made 3/2.5 titanium, plus the burly, almost indestructible character of a ti trail bike with contemporary long, low & slack geometry. “Launch it. Rip it. Climb it. Whip it. Drop it. Flow with it.”

Sage Flow Motion ti hardtail – Geometry, Spec & Availability

Sage Flow Motion titanium all-mountain hardtail mountain bike

The Flow Motion is available now through their dealer network or even direct from their website in four stock sizes (S-XL) and various build options.

Sage Flow Motion titanium all-mountain hardtail mountain bike geometry

If you want to build it from scratch, a bare frame-only will set you back $3400. A frameset option sells for $4604 including a 150mm Fox 36 Factory 27.5″ fork and Chris King headset.

Sage Flow Motion titanium all-mountain hardtail mountain bike

A complete bike is also available starting at $7862 adding a Shimano XT 1x group, RaceFace cockpit, and a set of i9 Backcountry 360 wheels.

Sage Flow Motion titanium all-mountain hardtail mountain bike

Sage even offers custom paint options if you feel the need to cover up those pretty titanium tubes for some reason. Ok, it looks like Sage is judicious with their painted options too, like this special Oregon-brewed bike collaboration with Chris King.


  1. Hi Everyone,
    The tires in the studio shots are Maxxis Minion DHF tires in a 27.5×2.5WT size. We used that tire, and the Schwalbe Nobby Nic 27.5×2.6, for testing and design purposes of tire clearance. The “outdoor” picture with the view of the cable routing under the BB was our prototype from Sea Otter. Tire clearance was increased by a fair amount from that final prototype. Thus, if you are using that picture as your reference please keep in mind that this was an early build and not the final version.

    The call out for the 29er wheel/tire was just to show that you can use that size wheel if that is your preference. Combine that with a shorter travel fork and you still have a ripper of a bike. That being said, the bike was specifically designed with a 150mm travel fork and 27.5×2.5-2.6″ tires in mind. You can customize it however you like and if you do want larger tire clearance, we can easily build a custom frame for you to accommodate your particular specs.

  2. So the 29er fit was an afterthought? You are saying it can fit a 27.5+ but the recommended tire width is 2.6 – most people/manufacturers consider a plus tire to be 2.8 to 3.0, 2.6 is becoming the new standard trail tire width. If the frame can’t fit a true 27.5+ tire and it can’t fit a 29×2.6 then why advertise it as such?

  3. Mantis- The frame does fit a 27.5×2.6 and it actually fits a 29×2.25. The 29er fit was never an afterthought, it was just not the main wheel we used for design purposes. We like riding 27.5 and designed the bike around that. Testing was done with 29er wheels and we are quite pleased with them overall so we can confidently recommend them if that is the client’s choice. If a client asks our opinion for the bike, we will recommend 27.5. Just our two cents on the situation.

    The “+” was a typo as that is not stated on the Sage website in the bike’s description. The original prototype was going to be “+” compatible but we scaled it back as it was not really the ideal tire size for the bike. If anyone wants custom, then we can accommodate that as needed.

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