In spite of their top shelf price tag, Cane Creek’s eeWings titanium cranks have been quite the hot item. Which isn’t really that surprising considering that they’re extremely light, stiff, and hopefully as durable as they are beautiful. But apparently, one thing they’re not is 2x compatible – at least until now (gravel/all road version only).

Cane Creek spreads their eeWings to accept 1x or 2x with new 110 BCD Spider

Due to the shape of the crankset, spiders meant for SRAM’s GXP direct mount standard wouldn’t fit (unless you took a grinder to them). It’s possible that there might be a spider or two out there that would work, but to make sure that the cranks are fully 2x compatible, Cane Creek has just introduced their own spider for 1x or 2x 110 BCD chainrings.

Cane Creek spreads their eeWings to accept 1x or 2x with new 110 BCD Spider

Machined from 7075 aluminum and finished with a black anodizing, the spiders come in two versions – 1x and 2x specific. While the 2x will allow you to obviously run 2x chainring combinations with 110 BCD, the 1x version will allow you to run 110 chainrings in a 1x configuration with the proper chainline without having to use a direct mount chainring. The 1x version may also allow you to run larger chainrings than you may be able to find in direct mount.

The spiders will be available in December for $49 each, and are only compatible with the gravel/all road cranksets. If you were to mount the spiders on the MTB cranksets, the chainline would be off by a good margin, so for now, 2x eeWings are limited to the road and gravel world.



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