While road tubeless is still slowly gaining in popularity, there are still a lot more bikes out there that run tubes. And for those that are willing to spend a little more for a better tube, Biketube has a new premium option.

Biketube goes high end with Butane Black high performance road tubes

Their new Butane Black performance series tubes use a 0.73mm butyl rubber wall which essentially makes it a thinner and lighter tube than standard (0.9mm). Biketube claims that this thinner material also helps to decrease rolling resistance.

Biketube goes high end with Butane Black high performance road tubes

It also includes a black aluminum valve stem with a removable valve core. Together, the thinner rubber and aluminum valve add up to a 20g weight savings per tube.

Offered in 48, 60, and 80mm valve lengths, the tubes are offered in one width to fit 23-30mm tires. Pricing starts at $10.50 for the 48mm valve, and tops out at $12.00 for the 80mm valve.



  1. I used to be able to get 0.60mm wall thickness tubes for less at the nearest chain bicycle store here.

    If they were serious about making lightweight tubes, they should have been ~65g at $6-8 each.

  2. Yes I wonder how these will sit in the market. For me, in race wheels I want something like Maxis Flyweight at 60-65 grams and for training wheels I just want a good quality tube but don’t care about weight so I’ve found cheap CST branded tubes at about $6 (or $5 or less for 4-6 at a time) are ideal. These BikeTube tubes seem not light enough for a real race wheelset yet too expensive for day to day use. Just my 2 cents worth anyway.

  3. 0.6mm should be where a “light” butyl tube starts. Then offer a “crazy light” one at 0.45mm, again like other people have been doing for years.

  4. Light non latex bicycle tubes for performances sake seems sill especially when you can get vittoria latex for 2 bucks more which is nothing. Where I find value in ultralight tubes is for spares (race wheels are tubulars with latex tubes), nothing packs better in a seat bag than a Performance Forte ultra light tube.

  5. I’ve been using some Tubolite tubes for my 29er, at 85 grams/tube, versus 200+ grams for most 29er tubes. That’s a good weight savings at both wheels and for my spare. So far, so good. I’m probably going to start using them (38 grams) in my road bike as well. Really like how small (and light) the spares are for carrying.
    Yes, they are available in the USA; I got mine thru Albe’s BMX shop.

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