Apparently Ventum had something special to introduce at Ironman Kona, and it wasn’t a tri bike. Yesterday, the company officially announced the pre-order of their all new aero road bike, the NS1.

Ventum NS1 races in with light weight and UCI approved aero road bike design

Starting out with a goal of creating an aero road bike that was also impressively light, the NS1 relies on EPS molding and “carbon nanotubes and graphene” to get the weight down but keep the strength up. The frame’s tubing is designed in a way that meets UCI requirements, but also supposedly provides a real world aero advantage for the average rider – water bottles included. This is a new world for Ventum considering tri bikes aren’t limited by UCI requirements – which is pretty obvious when you look at the Ventum One.

Ventum NS1 races in with light weight and UCI approved aero road bike design

In addition to the aero tubing, the bike gets additional aero benefits from completely hiding the cabling for an extremely clean look. Designed with disc brakes, the frame uses the flat mount standard and only comes built with Shimano Di2 drivetrains. Ventum also claims that the bike has clearance for 30mm tires and that some of their testing included gravel, though this is definitely a road race bike. For complete geometry and specs, click on each link.

Ventum NS1 races in with light weight and UCI approved aero road bike design

Currently offered only through a pre-order, pricing starts at $5,000 for the frameset. Complete builds start at $6,900 for a Shimano Ultegra Di2 build with Vision 30 wheels. For the version shown above, expect to shell out $11,620 – or $12,500 if you want it with a Pioneer power meter. Reservations require a refundable $2,000 deposit (which gets you a choice of custom paint), and bikes are expected to ship in March 2019.


  1. I saw one of these in Kona during ironman at the Vision booth….I don’t get bike lust often but this looked seriously sharp in person and well thought out for a modern race-road bike. On my new bike radar for sure.

  2. When I see a bike like this I wonder why the manufacturer didn’t just go one small step further and put in mounts for fenders. It just seems like they are turning their backs on a potential market segment. It wouldn’t be much trouble, they wouldn’t need to change the basic bike they made at all, just have some way to add fenders. I’m not trying to single out this bike or this manufacturer, I see it from most manufacturers.

    • Unfortunately, there is no “aero-bike with fenders” market segment. While a few might buy such a bike, the core premium aero customer would turn away from a product that wasn’t 100% focused on aero-race. It’s even hard to find a carbon cyclocross bike with mounts for this reason.

  3. It is a generic open mold Chinese frame that has a huge price tag, you can purchase the frame with the handle bar from all the reputable Chinese retailers and if you search a bit you can find also the producer. I was always a fan of their Tri bike but this is extreme, adding a brand and some paint on the frame and increasing its value by 10 times!

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