With the holidays on the horizon, why not give the gift of a lifelong passion for bikes by starting off a tiny tot on a lighter aluminum balance bike from Yedoo. The new 12″ Yedoo YooToo shaves about a third of the weight off similar steel scoot bikes, and gets adjustable dropouts that could make this the best option for the smallest & lightest kids learning to ride.

Yedoo YooToo lightweight aluminum, adjustable 12″ balance bike

Yedoo YooToo lightweight aluminum, adjustable 12" balance bike

Don’t all cyclists dream of finding a fancy new lightweight bike wrapped up under the Festivus pole? Well, the beauty of a balance bike is that even the nicest one you can get  – the alloy YooToo will only set you back about $200 (130€ in the Europe.)

Anyone with small kids will know that trying to find any lightweight bike for little riders is tough. Most reasonably price bikes are super heavy relative to the weight of young kids, and when they are just starting to get the hang of balancing (and later pedaling & balancing at the same time) that relative weight is a big obstacle.

So Yedoo has taken their popular TooToo hi-ten steel balance bike and made a lighter aluminum framed version.

Yedoo YooToo light, adjustable balance bike – Tech Details & Pricing

Yedoo YooToo lightweight aluminum, adjustable 12" balance bike

The $200/130€ YooToo weighs just 3.4kg/7.5lb, making a couple of pounds lighter than many other steel balance bikes on the market. But it’s not only the light weight, the YooToo also features two separate sets air of dropout slots, so you can set the rear wheel in this higher set to lower standover height by about half an inch. While that doesn’t sound like much, if you have a small kid who wants to get on a bike it may be just what you need for a proper fit.

Yedoo TooToo affordable balance bike – Tech Details & Pricing

Yedoo TooToo light hi-ten steel 12" balance bike

If you want to save a few bucks and have a slightly taller or stronger kid, the standard steel TooToo weighs 3.7kg/8.2lb & sells for $160/110€. Both balance bikes feature a Tektro mini-V rear brake with a kid-sized brake lever, and Yedoo’s easy to hold small diameter grips. Both bikes get real headset bearings and 12″ inflatable, reflective-detailed Kenda tires on alloy rims. Oh, and they get a stem pad with eyeballs, which just looks cool.

The alloy YooToo bikes all feature raw finish frames with contrast color fork & brake cables. The hi-ten TooToo bikes are available in all number of different paint jobs.

Yedoo YooToo lightweight aluminum, adjustable 12" balance bike

TikesBikes.com in the US or Yedoo.eu in the EU (and for complete details)

(hint: 10% off on Yedoo at TikesBikes with code: rockstar)


  1. This little fire cracker of a balance bike is also sold on Amazon, at http://www.Legacibikes.com, Jumpstartbikes.com, WeeBikeShop.com and Balancebikeusa.com. Pretty cool to include every available safety feature in a bike weighing less than 8 lbs. Rubber Kenda tires, Tektro brakes, twin bearing headset, steering limiter, and 11lb weight limit.

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