Team Zwatt is back, this time with a potential power meter for your mountain bike. Technically, this MTB Power Meter is still a prototype, but Team Zwatt is finally teasing out the details and hoping to launch it soon.

Team Zwatt teases carbon MTB power meter crankset, their lightest yet

The new power meter will be built into a Samox carbon crankset which contributes to the low weight. Team Zwatt says that this is the lightest power meter crankset they’ve ever built – just 450g without chainrings. But more importantly, they claim to have spent the last four years developing it so that the constant bumps and vibrations of mountain biking won’t contribute to power spikes in your read out.

With a claimed accuracy of +/-1.5%, the device will measure power, cadence, torque effectiveness, and pedaling smoothness. The unit is waterproof with an IP67 rating, and USB rechargeable with a 250+ hour ride time. Both bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility makes it compatible with almost any head unit, and SRAM Direct Mount chainrings make it easy to swap rings.

As of right now there is no official launch date, but Team Zwatt is encouraging potential buys to sign up for their email list to be notified when they’re first available along with special pricing.


  1. Team Zwatt doesn’t seem to sell in the US. Worse, they don’t respond to questions at all. Not responding to questions doesn’t inspire confidence in their product or their customer service.

        • They currently only make their products for sale in the BENEFRUX region and Northern Europe. I have enquired and this is the feedback they gave. They are reviewing how they can support their products in the the rest of the world. However, they do make their products available under other popular brand names e.g Race Face, to name just one. The company behind ZWATT TEAM builds and designs Power meters for many brands.

  2. eeWings with the Stages meter seems like a better product. Lighter and not prone to fail like carbon cranks.These are probably ok for Road/Gravel but not on trail with rock strikes etc.

    • Have you been under a rock for the past 5 years? Pretty sure no logical person has failure concerns over reputable carbon cranks. they are literally used in every aspect of pro racing and i have yet to see one fail.

      • Tell that to the RF cranks I have warrantied… twice. The pedal insert came unbonded and the pedal simply fell off the crank arm after less than a year. Happened again about 18 months later. RF wouldn’t warranty them the second time around so I learned my lesson about carbon cranks that day…

    • Actually, the Race Face/Easton power meter is a rebadged Zwatt Zpindle. Not sure if Zwatt signed a timed non-compete with RFE when the Cinch power meter came out, or if they just couldn’t find a crank supplier who was willing to keep Zwatt’s name on it. Hopefully this puts some downward price pressure on the RFE cinch meter.

    • Agree 100% — it really looks like a Cinch to me too, right down to the USB port arrangement. However the Cinch has a 400 hour ride time before recharging (I’ve gotten a bit more time out of mine) and this one quotes 250+ so it might be just a somewhat downgraded copy of the Cinch. If the price is a lot lower than the Cinch, it might be worth it. That said, I’m a big, big fan of the Cinch.

        • What has your experience with the Cinch been like? I haven’t come across any decent independent reviews. Only some non complimentary comments from unhappy users on forums. Interested to get your view.

    • I’m not sure I’d call Left-only “fake” power, but yes, this is Left-only since they say the sensors are all in the spindle.

  3. Buy the RFE unit. You will get far better support than this circus / sideshow. I was one of the supporters of the Kickstart/Indiegogo of the Zwatt meters and they managed to fail across the board.

    * shipped a year late, multiple excuses along the “the dog ate my homework” line
    * unwilling to accept responsibility for their failure to deliver. Always pointing the blame at other parties
    * forced customers to accept “cosmetically challenged” units
    * offered no support for cracking meter cases (mine failed at 20 hours use, never got to the point of trying the charger out)
    * when in use, the unit would drop out for periods up to 3 minutes in duration, no explanation offered
    * monitoring app looks like it was coded by a first time developer in about an hour.

  4. Doublecheck that chainring interface if you ever decide to buy anything Samox. Pretty sure they use their own random direct mount chainring pattern.

  5. You all confuse things. RF and Zwatt are buying their license from the same company called Sensitivus. There are actually few more brands that buy from that source.

    From what I heard they are selling them for less than 100$, but because gluing sensors in the axle is tricky, companies charge a lot more to take account for the warranties they will have.

    • Nope. Zwatt is Sensitivus.

      “In 2016 we decided to take the technology to the next level by building power meters for the end user as well.”

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