Not that long ago, Race Face introduced their Vault hub technology in a J-Bend hub shell. That allowed you to build your own wheels with their Vault hub technology while sticking with j-bend spokes for serviceability. Now they’ve added another option to the mix – something a little more colorful.

Race Face opens the Vault J-Bend hub to four new colors options

Yes, the same Vault j-bend hubs are now available in five different colors with the addition of blue, orange, purple, and silver.

Race Face opens the Vault J-Bend hub to four new colors options

Race Face opens the Vault J-Bend hub to four new colors options

The hubs still feature the same oversized hub shell for increased stiffness with a wider bearing stance and burly 6902 bearings. The 60 tooth drive ring engages with 6 pawls for  120 points and 3° of engagement.

The hubs are available in Boost spacing only, and only in 32h configurations at the moment – though black hubs are available in 32 or 28h. The colored hubs will sell for the same price as the black versions, with the front selling for $174.99 and the rear for $324.99.

Product Features

  • J-Bend Spoke Compatible
  • Oversized hub body for stiffness
  • Proven 6902 bearings with a wide bearing stance
  • Boost spacing only
  • Shimano or XD cassette body available
  • 6 Pawls with 2 teeth each
  • 120 points for 3 degrees of engagement
  • Tool free endcaps

Specs and Colours

  • Colours:  Dark Blue / Orange/ Purple / Silver
  • Built For: XC/Trail/Enduro
  • Available Options: Shimano or XD compatible
  • Rear Hub: 12 x 148 Boost
  • Front Hub: 15 x 110 Boost
  • Weight – 192g front, 326g rear (lightest configuration)
  • Spokes – 32h

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