Tired of carrying around a heavy lock but don’t want to give up security to lighten up? The new Altor APEX Ti lock promises low weight and high security, based on the same patented technology as found in Altor’s previous generation of lock, the 560G!

Second generation titanium lock from Altor promises even more security Second generation titanium lock from Altor promises even more security
The APEX Ti weighs in at just 715 grams, and extends to over two feet meaning it has more reach and practicality than a standard U-lock and a drastically lower weight.

The APEX Ti is made out of grade 5 titanium, which is an alloy that is claimed to be harder than the titanium often used in bike frames and components. The lock is also reinforced with hardened steel elements, which Altor claim help to make the APEX Ti lightweight yet incredibly tough.

There is one obvious downfall to most folding lock designs – they are commonly very susceptible to wedge attacks at the joints. Altor believe they have solved this issue with their patented Shield Joint design, which uses interlocking hardened steel parts to encase the rivet and protect it from direct attacks.

Second generation titanium lock from Altor promises even more security

Altor claim their Shield Joint design helps to make the APEX Ti more resistant to wedge attacks, as well as direct attacks to the rivets.

The APEX Ti locks are finished off with laser engraved details and a clear coat that protects your frame from scratches. Available in 6 different colors, the lock can be mounted directly your bike via the included frame mount.

Second generation titanium lock from Altor promises even more security

The APEX Ti is available in 6 colors to suit your taste

Prices start at $189 for a single lock, and go up to $347 for a set of two with matching keys – which allows you to interlock the two together for an even longer reach.


  1. jam on

    All a lock can do in the wild is buy you time. If someone can break a lock in under 20-30 seconds it just looks like they are taking it off the bike. If they are there with power tools etc. its blatant they aren’t unlocking it and someone might call them out on it.

  2. BMX on

    For that money buy a number of heavy locks and leave them in the various places you go, most people only really go a hand full of places during the week. Lock with good quality U lock and a chain lock, it unusual that a thief will have the tools to do both.

  3. EV on

    Come on. Wirecutter was able to cut through this and TiGr with a hacksaw in no time at all. Ti is a terrible metal for locks if you value security. Light, yes. Hard, no. If you spend this much on a lock, you clearly care about your bike, and will end up losing it if you are in any kind of high crime area–as in any city in the US. Ok for a quick coffee stop where you can see your bike, but I wouldn’t trust this on any city street anywhere.


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