BH knows that most cyclists aren’t actually road racers. So why do you have to buy the latest aero road race bike to get the latest in aerodynamic performance? Their answer, the new Quartz Aero Disc, mixing all-day comfort & more relaxed endurance road riding geometry with all the incremental aero gains of the latest & fastest race bikes.

BH Quartz Aero Disc aero optimized endurance road bike

Comfortable carbon bikes have become more commonplace, especially since industry & rider alike have both embraced endurance road, all-road & even gravel road bikes. But besides a few unique outliers like the 3T Exploro which hyped aero gravel, few of these comfort-focused road bikes have put aerodynamics at the forefront.  That’s where the new 2019 BH Quartz Aero Disc comes in, taking advantage of carbon’s ability to be both shaped for aerodynamics and tuned for vertical flexibility & rider comfort.

BH Quartz Aero Disc aero optimized endurance road bike

The Quartz Aero Disc is a comfortable gran fondo style endurance road bike bringing aero gains to the masses. The frame itself is built on slim shaped tubing for a small frontal profile & relatively deep aerofoil profiles.

But its aero gains don’t stop there, BH employed a separate cover over the front of the headtube (not quite as seamless as it appears in the studio photos, we think) that smooths air over the bike and cleanly routes cabling internally.

Quartz Aero comfort endurance road Geometry

BH Quartz Aero Disc aero optimized endurance road bike

The new bike is designed for long days of cycling and for riders not addicted to competition, but at the same time happy to shave a few seconds off their time thanks to decreased aero drag. With that the new Quartz Aero Disc gets a longer head tube & taller stack figures for a more comfortable upright riding position, available in six frame sizes.

BH Quartz Aero Disc aero optimized endurance road bike geometry

Even though the front end of the Quartz Aero Disc is longer and more stable, the rear center is compact, and together with a shirt seattube, the bike offers plenty of drivetrain stiffness & quick acceleration.

Quartz Aero comfort endurance Tech Details

BH Quartz Aero Disc aero optimized endurance road bike

The Quartz Aero Discs sticks with a classic 27.2 seatpost to filter out vibrations, on top of the otherwise tiny, dropped seatstays for comfort.

BH Quartz Aero Disc aero optimized endurance road bike

Tire clearance is critical on an endurance road bike, and the new Quartz delivers with room for up to 32mm rubber. Weight also remains surprisingly low at a claimed 950g (size M).

The Quartz Aero Disc features flat mount disc brakes, 12mm thru-axle, and a BB386 EVO bottom bracket. All routing is internal, including Di2 compatibility.

BH Quartz Pricing & Availability

BH Quartz Aero Disc aero optimized endurance road bike
2019 BH Quartz 4.5

The new Quartz range actually includes the disc brake bike, but also a less aero rim brake version that shares most of the same aero comfort tech, minus the nose cone. Each is available in four different spec levels. The rim brake bike starts at 1900€, and a Quartz disc without the aero headtube cover from 2400€.

BH Quartz Aero Disc aero optimized endurance road bike
2019 BH Quartz Aero Disc 4.5

The proper Quartz Aero Disc then is available in a 2600€ build, a 3700€ option, and for 4700€ as the top-level Quartz Aero Disc 4.5 with an Ultegra Di2 build kit and carbon Vision Trimax 40 wheels.


  1. How can this be the first aero endurance road bike considering Canyon’s Endurace CF SLX has been widely available for well over a year?

    • Where does Canyon market the Endurace as aero? The word “aero” does not pop-up anywhere in its literature to suggest it ever went into the wind tunnel for optimization. In fact, the front head tube is quite wide on the Endurace. A large downtube does not automatically make a bike aero…

  2. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first “aero endurance” road frame ever. That’s a borderline trump statement there. I can think of one bike in particular that predates this one. MERCKX Mourenx69. and there was likely something that predates that…

    • Your poor example is a borderline Hillary excuse. The Mourenx 69 is not an aero road bike. It’s never been advertised that way, and it has never seen a wind tunnel. You will not find the word “aero” anywhere on its marketing. One large downtube does not make an aerobike…

  3. I should invent the first ever Aero fat bike. Who cares that your going 4 mph in deep snow in massive gloves, probably moose mitts/poogies, and a loose jacket, that aero frame is going to save you countless watts and may even cause you to up to 4.2 mph!

  4. This makes a lot of sense, actually, and I guarantee this will be the new trend… Mark my words. The average Joe Blow does not race, but they still like being semi-serious in the two or three Grand Fondos they do a year, and comparing their times with their buddies times for bragging rights. Most of them do not typically fit into the geometry of a race frame with their lack of fitness, so giving them an endurance aero bike will fill that niche. Rather than seeing pot bellies squirming over on race bikes with riser stems, now we’ll get to see pot bellies on bikes that are more suited to them.

  5. AERODEFENDER upper wheel fairings will become the most effective aero enhancement to any Gran Fondo style, non-UCI road bike. Just a matter of time. Shimano is testing it now. And others will follow. Racers already reporting exceptional speed gains, especially at high speed. Upper wheel drag sensitivity is far greater than any frame drag sensitivity. So without minimally shielding the critical uppermost wheel alone, bikes are needlessly inefficient. Our side-by-side downhill coasting tests prove this point. (Adding surface area to the frame to enhance streamlining will only get you so far, and only in direct headwind conditions.)

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