Imagine the hardest ride you’ve ever done. Now imagine something even harder – that you have to complete on your grandparent’s single speed from the 1960’s. Sound good? Depending on your sense of adventure and motivation, that either sounds like a recipe for disaster, or the trip of a life time. For adventurer Jose Viano, it is only part of the trip of a lifetime since he’s already ridden more than 7000 miles on that bike to get here.

Riding the Amazon on a 1960's single speed: Transamazonica sounds insane

All of this started as a tribute to his grandfather as Jose decided to ride his Italian single speed bicycle from the 1960’s from Uruguay to the north of Brazil. Yes, it’s a fully loaded bike that already weighs a ton without gear, plus skinny tires, and no bail out gears. It’s quite the ride.

Riding the Amazon on a 1960's single speed: Transamazonica sounds insane

And while Jose’s trip has already racked up monumental mileage, his hardest riding is yet to come. With the idea of riding the Transamazonica, Jose says he will have to contend with dirt roads which most likely will be mud roads this time of the year during the rainy season. Jose plans to ride from Belém to Santarém, Brazil – a distance of roughly 854 miles. By car, the journey is said to take nearly 22 hours. By bike… who knows?

Jose hopes to find out though, though he’s he’s hoping to scrape together some cash. According to the adventurer, 7000 miles on a vintage bike have depleted his funds, and Transamazonica trip will require money to pay bribes to “pirates” to allow him to pass, money for ferries, food, and more. As such, he’s gone the decidedly modern route of creating a GoFundMe account in order to fund his adventure.

Meanwhile, he’s already started the ride and is currently in Pacajá, Brazil. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram as j22vision.


  1. mudrock on

    Well, he’s crazy, but everyone knows that. For the rainy season, I would take off the fenders (or is that a deal breaker?). Even when you walk, the wheels have to turn.

  2. Douglass McSaladbath on

    Pretty surprised you would post this kind of “fund my life” BS to your site. Anyone can make anything hard, that doesn’t make it interesting.

  3. Craig on

    I want to go on holiday next year. Might start a Go Fund Me Page….Actually no wait, I wont. I might instead go get a job and earn some money so I can afford it….Actually no, wait. Work? Screw that, why would I want to work, only mugs work. I think that Go Fund Me Page sounds way easier.

      • Craig on

        Actually Sevo I am going on a journey, to Sri Lanka. Last year I went to the USA, the year before that to Thailand. I was more illustrating the point that some people have no shame in using an online platform to bludge off others when many of those others go and get a job to pay their own way. Each to their own I guess..

  4. JBikes on

    Sound good? Nah. Imagine doing this riding the whole thing laying on the seat backwards, feet on the bars and pedaling with your hands! Now that would be the trip of a lifetime!

  5. Jose Viano on

    Thank the people who support this project.
    To those who do not also because it shows that not all of us have the courage to leave the comfort zone.
    I’ve been traveling the world for 14 years and never made an account to ask for funds. There are many years sharing my pictures without asking anything in return, on the contrary it is a pleasure to share what I do. Today after 1 year fulfilling this tribute to my great-grandfather on his bike, spending a lot of money on my own, the only thing I ask is respect and I’m not in holidays, it is giving back what my great-grandfather did for me during a large part of my life .
    Thank you all and resentment does not do good for health
    Happy New Year to everyone!

  6. Carlos Xbalanque on

    Wish I could join this guy but at the same time it does make you wonder why he wouldn’t upgrade the bike rather than spend money on gadgets and countless hours on Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to gain attention. I actually think it’s cool that bikerumor would post this. If we have to be stuck drooling at our desktops at work over new tech and bikes that are unbelievably expensive maybe donating $5 to this guy to live vicariously his ridiculous adventure isn’t so stupid of a thing to do.


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