Based in Traverse City, Michigan, Bearclaw Bicycle Co. has a thing for wide tires. Whether talking about their fat bikes, plus bikes, or gravel bikes, they all tend to roll relatively wide tires which are perfect for the sandy soil or snowy terrain. That provides some context when you check out their new carbon Gravel+ fork called the Ramhorn. When they call it a gravel+ fork, the emphasis is on the plus.

Bearclaw Bicycle Co. Ramhorn Gravel+ carbon fork rams in massive tire clearance

Offering clearance for 29 x 2.4-2.6″ tires or 27.5 x 2.8-3.0″ tires, the Ramhorn clears all but the biggest mountain bike plus tires in addition to the road and gravel plus options. It also comes equipped with three pack mounts on each fork leg, and fender mounts for bikepacking and adventuring versatility.

Bearclaw Bicycle Co. Ramhorn Gravel+ carbon fork rams in massive tire clearance

The full carbon fork runs a 1.5 to 1.125″ tapered steerer, and features a 47mm rake and 405mm axle to crown measurement. Running a 15 x 100mm thru axle, the fork works with flat mount or post mount front brakes (post mount adapter included), and can run up to a 180mm brake rotor. Brake hose routing is external, and the fork is said to weigh 600g.

Ramhorn Gravel+ forks will be available as a stand alone option starting this weekend (price is TBA), but they’ll also be offered as standard equipment for their Thunderhawk titanium gravel bike.


  1. I’m sure that A-C height will be appreciated as an alternative to whats currently out there, as well as the retail price. Kudos. Although it only adds to my fear that I’m the only moron on the planet still riding 29×3″.

    Anybody else think front flat mount to post mount adapters look ridiculous?

    • At this point, beggars can’t really be choosers. That any adapters exist at all to hook up a post mount caliper to a front mount hardpoint is newsworthy in itself. I’m still crossing my fingers something similar for the rear caliper gets made, although it’s a pretty vain hope at this point.

  2. Only a 300mm steerer, but it’s also $500, so a short steerer is not the main issue for me. Can get an Enve fork with a 350mm steerer for just a bit more.

    • You must be pretty tall or riding pretty high to need that much steerer. 300m steerer has room for a 200mm head tube + 25mm external cup headset + 45mm tall stem clamp + 30mm of spacers under the stem still.

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