Carryyygum calls their combination of a bungee cord loop & three strap-on eyelets the “world’s smallest bicycle rack”. While a smaller rack isn’t typically something I’m looking for, the Carryyygum really looks like a super versatile way to haul all manner of objects on your bike on its own, or to expand the carrying capacity of whatever rack or bag combo you already use.

Carryyygum world’s smallest bungee cord bike rack

We really love to see simple ideas that add functionality to our bikes, and Carryyygum looks to do that at an affordable pricepoint with their minimalist bicycle rack. The idea became a reality thanks to a Kickstarter campaign last summer, with crowdfunding backers receiving their Carryyygum straps before Christmas.

Carryyygum simple Tech Details

Carryyygum rack world's smallest bicycle rack bungee cord bike rack

The patent pending Carryyygum rack is a simple series of three D-rings that you attach to your bike via anti-slip, rubber backed velcro loops that fit around 2-6cm diameter tubes.

Carryyygum rack world's smallest bicycle rack bungee cord bike rack

Then a double loop of elastic bungee cord connects the three points and can be tightened down further with a cord lock. Just stuff whatever you need to carry under the bungee loops and secure it tightly.

How to use the Carryyygum

Carryyygum rack world's smallest bicycle rack bungee cord bike rack

The standard setup is to make a three-point contact across your bar & stem, but there are plenty more possibilities on the bike with each ring attached to 20cm of velcro. The whole thing weighs just 35g, and can be installed or pulled off your bike in under a minute. So you can use it only when you need it or keep it on the bike all the time.

Carryyygum Pricing & Availability

Carryyygum rack world's smallest bicycle rack bungee cord bike rack

Now that early backers have been rewarded, it’s your chance to buy them too. A single Carryyygum will cost you just 19€, plus shipping (which unfortunately looks unnecessarily expensive, especially if you are outside of their home Germany or the EU. OK, after a quick response from Carryyygum, they have updated shipping costs, which are now around half what they were throughout the EU & even US now. Props to them on that.) Maybe it would make sense to pool together with a few more people who want one (or hit up Carryyygum to see if there are more reasonable shipping options? Looks like we got that sorted out!)

Carryyygum rack world's smallest bicycle rack bungee cord bike rack

The Carryyygum comes in one of seven different color cords so you can match it to your bike – black, yellow, green, blue, red, pink & orange.


  1. Really? Who doesn’t have a daypack, or messenger bag, or saddle bag, or basket, or handlebar bag? Any of those things are more useful than this

  2. “World’s Smallest Rack” does not roll off the tongue, but it sure beats, “World’s Most Complicated Bungee Cord”. The item seems useful, though. A triangle net option wouldn’t hurt. I can’t be the only person who used a simple stretch cord to wrap a windbreaker to the bars. So, this has its place.

    • Always wearing a backpack no matter what just in case you want to buy something and carry it home seems ridiculous.
      Now, I could never buy this as it messes with my OCD. That blue bag hanging off center, and those lopsided oranges, books at random angles…ahhhh!

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