Free speed. Sounds good, right? Many riders shell out big bucks for parts that will make you more aerodynamic, reduce rolling resistance, or just make you faster. But if you could simply change a fit detail on your bike and get faster, would it be worth it?

The latest episode of the Specialized Win Tunnel examines exactly that. Specifically, if you move to a narrower pedal stance width, will it make you faster? Predictably, making part of your fit narrower leads to faster times, but is it worth the change?



  1. And some guys, such as Mark Cavendish and Jens Voigt, go with the wide Dura Ace pedals in order to get proper alignment and comfort, which will lead to improved power and speed. Whatever the body needs, is what helps to make you faster.

  2. I’ve got the revere problem..narrow hips makes for a narrow Q-factor. So if I ride something like a Fat bike with a large Q-factor my legs feel like my feet are spread out and my legs are moving at an angle.

  3. I just bought the ISSI flash III in +12. Fuck heal strike! Fuck having my cleat on the very inside of toes.
    Shimano needs to make a wider mtb spindle for M8000 pedals.

  4. The problem is individual physiology. When you go for a bike fit your stance is normally changed to make sure knee tracking is straight. I know that i had to move my feet out a couple of mm to stop my right knee splaying out at the top of its stroke. So without access to a win tunnel I’d have no idea of net gain or loss. I would however take 2mm wider for long term biomacamical efficiency..

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