In a sea of tubeless sealants and accessories, we have one more to add to your list. The good news is that they’re good guys (and gals) – and the company name says it all: Good Guy Tubeless. We found their product on a store shelf in St. George, UT, and wanted to find out more. What’s in the sealant? How good are these guys, really?

While we don’t know whether the guys will help you move your couch, we do know that the sealant is natural-latex-based. They say it’s eco-friendly, and has “mineral particulate acting as extra hole-clogging superheroes.” That sounds pretty good to us.

Good Guy Sealant compete with Stans and Orange Seal for MTB

I inquired with the Good Guys to find out how their sealant stacks up to the competition.  Does the sealant contain ammonia?  How long will it last in your tires?  How long will a sealed bottle last on the shelf?  They responded,

Our sealant is latex based, so there will always be some percentage of ammonia to keep it from coagulating. Most people are misinformed as to the relationship between aluminum and ammonia. Ammonia does not corrode aluminum. The breakdown of spoke nipples is due to a tape failure, wherein the sealant is allowed to bridge the gap between the steel spoke and the aluminum nipple. The sealant acts as an electrolyte allowing galvanic corrosion to occur between the two differently charged materials. Our sealant typically lasts in the tire a little longer than most because it creates a bit of membrane that adheres to the tire. This creates a better air-tight situation keeping the sealant liquid. Shelf life is on par with other latex brands. We use pouches instead of bottle which allows you to press excess air out of the bottle, keeping the sealant liquid for longer. I usually say 1 year for shelf life.

Good Guy sealant pouch sizes 3 oz 16 oz 32 oz

Venturing a guess, this looks like a small outfit that primarily sells through small retail stores and their own consumer-direct website.  Without extra layers of distribution, margin, and red tape, they are able to undercut most competitors’ prices.

3 oz pouch – $3.00

16 oz pouch – $14.00

32 oz pouch – $24.00

3 oz triple pack – $8.00

In comparison, Orange Seal costs $20 for 16 ounces, Stan’s costs $28 for 32 ounces, and Caffelatex will set you back $30 for 34 ounces (1000ml).

The Good Guys also sell tubeless accessories, such as tubeless tape, universal aluminum tubeless valves, and spare valve core replacements.

Good Guy tubeless tape and valve stem accessories for MTB

If you’re after a great deal and want to maintain your sterling reputation, Good Guy Tire Sealant might just be your best bet.


    • whatever on

      Title on container says “Good Guy”, not “for Good Guys”. Nothing offensive at all about it. Of course, if your looking for something to be offended about, then you will always find something. Probable was/is a one person operation, hence “Good Guy” could simply be about the founder.

    • Spartacus on

      From their website:
      “We may not be funny guys, wise guys, or tough guys…

      Heck “guys” is even a misnomer – one of us is a lady. But we are (relatively) good people. “

    • Rodrigo Diaz on

      Not a super-fan of caffelatex for actually sealing punctures BUT this was the one product that actually managed to get a leaky tubeless tire (Donnelly MSO in its previous nomenclature, Alpha rim) to finally hold air overnight.

      Then I had the same experience with a fat bike tire – very leaky overnight, add Caffelatex, mix a lot. The tire held and now uses cold-weather orange seal.

      So I won’t buy the bulk container again, but definitely would get a little can for stubborn and problematic applications.

    • Casshole on

      I’ll 2nd Caffelatex as an additive for stubborn tires.
      I half Oz of the stuff makes almost any sealant foam up and fill the volume of the tire. All someone needs to do is figure out a third party foaming additive for the other guys and Caffe is done. Stuff cant seal jack on its own.

  1. PJ on

    Nice marketing. For example, the moving company Starving Students is most likely made up of students who have the job to make a few bucks to buy books, etc. Right?

  2. Chris Murray on

    These “guys” truly are great people and their sealant works fantastic. I wouldn’t say its much different from something like Stan’s, seems to work identical while costing a little less and you get to support a great, small company while at it. It’s all I have sold in my shop for a little over a year now.


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