For roof rack users, it’s arguably not even a matter of if, but when. When an audible ‘crunch’ alerts you to the fact that you’ve just damaged or destroyed your expensive bike by driving it into a garage or drive-thru. What if you could avoid this situation entirely? Raacked aims to do just that with their wireless, ultrasonic alarm system – alerting you before that costly impact happens.Raacked-bike-roof-rack-alarm-system-avoids-garage

Raacked Roof Rack Alarm System

Do you own a bike or gear roof rack? Wouldn’t it be nice to protect that investment with a motion-sensing alarm? Raacked says that their weatherproof system fits on most roof racks and will detect obstructions up to 12 feet away.


It works by sending out ultrasonic waves to detect objects, and then communicates wirelessly to the receiver, which emits a series of beeps. The proximity sensor will let you know when an obstruction approaches from front or behind. Check out this video to see it in action…

The only thing we’re wondering is – how did such a good idea take so long for someone to create? Raacked began as a Kickstarter campaign and pricing isn’t yet available. If you’d like to stay up-to-date or pre-order one, check out the link below to sign up for their newsletter and receive updates.



    My own near miss was on Storrow Drive in Boston, that has a 10 ft height limit, and has lanes that are about 3 inches wide. My bike seat went CLANG! on the metal warning sign, and I slammed my brakes on just before the underpass that would have ripped my bike off. Discovered that day that my bike fit could, after all, fit in the back seat of my car if I really Tetris’d it.

  2. Low tech solution that I think I heard on this site is to put your garage door opener in the trunk when you put your bike on the roof.

    • It also doesn’t work for other low clearance places besides your garage. See Scott’s anecdote above.

      Of course, the 12 meter warning probably isn’t going to help if you’re driving at any reasonable speed.

      • SorryS that read poorly. To be clear, putting your garage door opener in your trunk doesn’t prevent you from driving into other, low clearance places.

        The Raaked device’s 12 foot (not meters!) detection range also doesn’t help when you’re going at any decent speed.

  3. Totally a great idea – however it looks like it fizzled… None of the contacts or links on the website work. A real pity as this is a great idea! I would happily assist these guys to get it going! Done this 3 times FFS – it’s getting expensive!!

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