Trust Performance is making waves in front suspension with their unique multi-link Message fork. However, it carries a heavy price tag of $2,700, making it a big commitment to get on board (though they do have a 30-day money-back-guarantee). In an effort to lessen that hurdle and get more people to try it, Trust Performance now offers a demo program through Trail Head Cyclery, Arizona Cyclist, and Worldwide Cyclery. For $100, they will properly install the fork on your bike, along with a five day demo period to decide if it’s for you. Check out the press release below for more information.

Trust Performance The Message is a new trailing link suspension fork for mountain bikes

PRESS RELEASE: (Salt Lake City, UT – February 4, 2019) – Trust Performance, the leader in multi-link front suspension design, announced today the launch of its United States demo program. Trail Head Cyclery in Cupertino, CA, Arizona Cyclist in Tucson, AZ and Worldwide Cyclery West in Newbury Park, CA and Lancaster, PA become Trust Performance’s first authorized demo partners, each offering riders the opportunity to demo Trust Performance’s flagship multi-link front suspension design, the Message.

“We’re big believers in the demo experience. You can read about how the Message rides, but the only way to really understand how it enhances your trail experience is to ride it,” said Trust Performance CEO, Hap Seliga. “We’re pleased to partner with some of the finest bike shops in the country to launch this demo program and, most important, provide riders the opportunity to unpack the ride experience with professionals who understand the technology.”

Trust Performance launched its first multi-link front suspension design, the Message, in October of 2018. It is a notable departure from traditional telescopic suspension design, enabling the front of the bike to realize many of the same suspension benefits the rear has enjoyed for years, including contour travel (the ability for the front wheel to move up and away from an obstacle simultaneously) and a progressive ramp through the mid-stroke of the compression.

“Over the past 20 years, nothing has been more transformative to the mountain bike industry that the evolution of mountain bike suspension. It’s the most impressive element of innovation that people can actually see, touch and feel,” remarked Lars Thompson, owner of Trail Head Cyclery. “The Message is a natural part of this suspension evolution. When I saw who was behind it and just how strikingly different the innovation was, it was clear that we had to make it available to our customers through our demo program.”

Ryan Tiffin, General Manager of Arizona Cyclist added, “I’ve been riding the Message since its launch and all I can say is that once you ride it, you get it. It speaks for itself. That said, I don’t want our customers to simply take my word for it—I want them to experience it and form their own opinion. The Message is a premium product that deserves a premium ride experience and the Trust Performance demo program provides just that.”

Trust Performance selected Trail Head Cyclery, Arizona Cyclist and Worldwide Cyclery as demo partners because of their regional authority and their ongoing commitment to a customer-centric, experience-driven shop experience. The Trust Performance demo program is slated to expand to more cities and shops in 2019. Those interested in learning more about partnership opportunities are encouraged to reach out to Trust Performance at

About Trust Performance
Trust Performance is the industry leader in multi-link front suspension design. It was founded by industry innovators Dave Weagle, Jason Schiers and Hap Seliga. Its operations, design and engineering staff are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah while manufacturing and assembly takes place at its own production facility in Taichung, Taiwan.


  1. Maybe one of the people who spends the $100 to demo, will do an online review to let the world know how it rides. So far no bike media have given any first impressions or review.

  2. It looks like an early 1990s John Castellan suspension design which were supposedly some of the best forks at the time. Their cost, however, was just too prohibitive for me to even to venture to consider it then just as there’s no way I could justify that cost now.

    • ^ This. It’s not even in the same vicinity as almost all other suspension forks. Just like Lightweight wheels are high quality, with their costs extended to the consumer, this is similar. Even if the cost could be justified, very few can afford it.

      So, sure, it probably rides well. It better. I hate the name though.

      • Totally agree on the name. It’s like their market research showed that most people don’t trust linkage forks, so they decided to conjure up that much needed quality by printing the word on the fork, and then added the name “message” because it was thematically related to “trust”. And what do the two words have to do with mountain biking?

  3. Or you could buy an ‘affordable’ $1000 telescopic fork, and use the remaining $1700 to help feed, clothe, and educate homeless children.

  4. At least this has a chance of success. -IMHO far to many gimmicky items are marketed toward mtn bikers that are simply hokey cash-grabs! I’m looking at you RipRow……

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