Before gravel was ever an industry buzzword, Moots was already taking the edge off with their YBB system. This softail or micro suspension system sits between the seat stays and the seat tube and helps absorb any trail or road chatter with just over 20mm of suspension travel. Now that same technology is headed for the gravel world with the new Moots Routt YBB.

Moots gravel gets smoother with Routt YBB and updated Routt 45

Combining the inherent flex of titanium and the added squish of a spring and elastomer, the YBB system is a pivotless suspension design that adds very little weight to the frame overall.

Moots gravel gets smoother with Routt YBB and updated Routt 45

Now sitting along side the (updated) Routt 45, the Routt YBB offers the same 700c x 45mm tire clearance, hidden fender eyelets, and gorgeous seamless 3/2.5v U.S. made titanium frame with 3D printed titanium dropouts with flat mount disc brakes. Available in seven stock sizes, like every Moots it’s also available with custom sizing and a number of custom options including finishes to truly make it your own. Pricing starts at $4,999 for the frameset with a Moots flat mount disc cross fork and Chris King I7 headset, and complete builds start at $7,845.

Moots gravel gets smoother with Routt YBB and updated Routt 45

To go along with the Routt YBB, Moots has also updated the Routt 45 to improve the ride. The new frame features shorter chainstays which still clear 45mm tires with 2x drivetrains, and should lead to a snappier ride overall.

Moots gravel gets smoother with Routt YBB and updated Routt 45

Like the Routt YBB, the Routt 45 comes in seven stock sizes and is also available with semi or full custom geometry. Framesets start at $4,549, and complete builds at $7,199. Available now.



  1. I love moots. I toured the factory a couple of years ago. I would caution against ordering the suspension. It adds allot of flex for minimal gain. Ti is already magic. Trust the material.

  2. I love Moots, too. Thumbs up for the shorter chainstays on the Routt 45. Still, I think this bike is in a sort of no man’s land between the standard Routt and the Baxter. I think an alternative designed around 650bx48mm wheels with 425-ish stays would be more interesting.

  3. Had really terrible experience with moots! Pathetic costermer service and communication! moots doesn’t stand by their product, craftsmanship, and attention to details. Paid 4500.00 for custom Routt. Submitted geometry and specs after a Retul fitting. Was never informed of geometry changes and spec changes from the shop or Moots. Received a Frameset that I never approved or agreed upon. Countless calls to moots and the dealer without sufficient resolution to issue. Just so disappointed and disheartened. My first Moots was purchased 2002. Thought I would be a Moots lifer, guess not. Expected much more.

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