Last year, the big news from Ergon came in the form of their SR & SM Women saddles which were, well, specifically designed for women. Prior to this, Ergon’s saddles were for the most part considered unisex – great for keeping the number of models down, but not so good for individualized comfort. Due to the lack of a true ‘men’s specific’ saddle line, Ergon went back to the drawing board to come up with the new SM, SM E, & SR Men saddle range.

Ergon reworks men's saddle line with SM, SM E, & SR Men Mountain, E-MTB, & road

Designed with specific relief areas for the male perineal area, the saddle takes into consideration the average pelvic tilt, pubic bone angle, and pressure distribution to create a saddle that is supposedly more comfortable.

Ergon reworks men's saddle line with SM, SM E, & SR Men Mountain, E-MTB, & road

Ergon reworks men's saddle line with SM, SM E, & SR Men Mountain, E-MTB, & road

SM Men

The SM Men (Saddle Mountain), is designed for mountain biking and available in three models, each in two widths – S/M & M/L. The saddles feature a Y-shape design with a center relief channel which is said to have a more flexible shell than the average cutout saddle. More flexibility equals more pressure relief, which is where the saddle is said to increase comfort and decrease numbness. At the back, the saddle features a a wider area for pressure distribution for the sit bones, and a flat rear and contour for easy movement. You’ll also find a removable mount for saddle bags and accessories at the rear.

Ergon reworks men's saddle line with SM, SM E, & SR Men Mountain, E-MTB, & road

Ergon reworks men's saddle line with SM, SM E, & SR Men Mountain, E-MTB, & road

SR Men

On the road side, the SR Men offers a very similar design but with a more ramped rear section for support in the aero position. Also available in three models and two widths, the SR Pro Carbon Men kicks things up a notch with carbon fiber saddle rails.

Ergon reworks men's saddle line with SM, SM E, & SR Men Mountain, E-MTB, & road

SM E-Mountain

And yes, there is even an E-MTB version called the SM E-Mountain which adds a scooped rear for support, increased thickness comfort padding, and men’s and women’s specific designs. Offered in one level and two widths, the SM E-Mountain will sell for $89.95.

Ergon reworks men's saddle line with SM, SM E, & SR Men Mountain, E-MTB, & road

First Impressions

We’ve got our hands on an SM Comp Men saddle, which felt comfortable right away. Weighing in at 281g, it’s only 1g more than claimed in the M/L size. As usual from Ergon, it looks great on the bike and unless something drastically changes over the course of testing, it seems to be a winner after a handful of rides. It does feel a bit better than previous Ergon saddles in terms of pressure relief and comfort, though I didn’t have major issues with the previous Ergon saddles I’ve tested either. For a $90 saddle, it seems like a great option if you’re constantly adjusting on your current saddle trying to get comfortable.


    • Our SM E-Mountain Sport saddle for women and men is tuned to some unique demands that emtb riders tend to face: The foam is tuned for a softer feel due to prolonged sitting on demanding terrain. The rear ramp of the saddle has a more dramatic upward sweep for rider support on electric assisted seated uphill pedaling.

    • Read between the lines.

      “adds a scooped rear for support,” means the expected rider is going to be sitting more upright and doesn’t want to slide off the back, vs. a mountain biker who’s going to be moving around more, using a bit of body English.

      “increased thickness comfort padding,” means it’s for someone newer to biking who isn’t used to a firmer saddle, and might not be used to unweighting the saddle over bumps or rougher surfaces.

      It could have just as easily been marketed as a beginner’s saddle, but it probably wouldn’t sell as well.

      • Well I test rode some e-MTB and although I don’t think it should warrant a completely specific saddle it is true you sometimes end up climbing some stupidly steep gradients when riding e-MTBs so I could understand choosing a saddle with a scooped shape instead of a flat one for additionnal support.

        However I don’t see any valid reason for a bike fit to be different on an e-mtb than on a regular mtb.

  1. Hopefully they’ve worked on durability. Really comfortable saddles, but I’ve broken the nose of two of these saddles, not particularly hard impacts either.

  2. Currently running the old SR3, which is one of the few saddles that are really flat and rise in the middle. @Ergon: Do you have feedback from riders using the SR3 about the new SR? I don’t think both are made for the same riders?

    • The SR3 is a pretty old model. A lot has changed since we developed the SR3, which was a pure road racing saddle. The overall shell shape has changed. The sizing options are better fit for most riders. Soft tissue relief features added. We utilize many of our exclusive materials; various closed-cell foams, tuned foam and OrthoCell. The new SR Men saddle is a better fit for all abilities of drop bar riders.

  3. Was semi interested in these new saddles but after being bombarded by ads on YouTube for them I’m a bit turned off to say the least.

  4. Liked their saddle on several types of bikes. Just found the SMP fit me a bit better. Never had any reasonable product quality/durability problems with any of them. I would use them again if need be.

  5. Based on your sizing charts, I’m right in the middle between a S/M and a M/L. @Ergon – would you recommend go larger or smaller?

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