Following their innovative anti-dive E18 enduro leaf spring linkage fork, Motion Ride just announced a new Flow Evo Coil shock is on the way to complete their suspension setup. The new dual chamber coil shock is set to get an official launch in just a weeks time, claiming a unique layout isolating oil movement in the shock and energy dissipation from suspension inputs.

Motion Ride new Flow Evo Coil rear shock

Motion Ride new Flow Evo Coil rear shock
courtesy MOTION Engineering

It’s not entirely clear yet, what that new shock design layout means for us mountain bikers, but Motion Ride promises to explain it all to us in due course. They also claim it allows them to design in unique suspension tuning possibilities like “hydraulic buffers in compression and rebound”, extending the ambitious performance of their E18 linkage fork family.

What does that mean for you, the rider? Motion says, “no matter what the pilot does, the rear shock will never bottom out”. That sounds like a challenge!

Motion Ride new Flow Evo Coil rear shock

For now the Flow Evo Coil does appear to offer both tool-free high-speed compression & rebound settings, plus tooled low-speed compression & rebound control.

We expect to get the full breakdown on the new Motion Ride Flow Evo Coil rear shock sometime next week. It is expected to then go on pre-sale starting April 15 at 792€ – a 20% discount, plus the chance to get the shock for 70% off if you buy it together with a new full priced E18 fork.

Keep your eyes peeled. We’ll get the full details soon…


  1. That’s a Bypass damper, a really nice design that opens up a lot of possibilities, and the bottom-out bumper looks weird too, so maybe there is something new there too. Overall a really good use of the space that you gain with the Trunnion mount and a short coil spring.

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