First Ride and Thoughts: Yamaha Wabash Power-Assist Gravel Bike

Love them or hate them, eBikes are here to stay. They’re not for everyone, but they serve a purpose and judging by their popularity on the open roads and trails, their numbers are only going to increase.

Yamaha Motor Corporation knows a thing or two about power-assist bicycles, being one of the first companies to bring a power-assist bike to market way back in 1993. A lot of technology has changed since that time, from batteries to the drive unit and more.

Reflectors stay on media bikes.

To capitalize on the growth of the eBike and gravel bike segments, Yamaha keyed into the market and have released a bike that offers eBike performance and flexibility across a multitude of road surfaces. Enter the Yamaha Wabash.The Wabash is available in three sizes, small, medium (the size yours truly rode) and large, with the components on each bike sized accordingly to fit as many riders as well as possible. On the subject of fit, the Wabash’s design is all in-house, meaning their battery and drive unit solution fit and integrate much better into their own hydroformed aluminum frame.

The frame and fork are aluminum, with the latter being especially unusual in this day and age. Yamaha feel the aluminum fork offers a better ride quality versus that offered by carbon fiber.

I had the opportunity to ride the Yamaha Wabash at the company’s exclusive press launch near San Diego, California, recently. Bear in mind the following video is not a review, but does contain a few thoughts about my one and only ride on the bike.

For more on the Yamaha Wabash, check out the full story over on

Yamaha Bicycles

Article and video by Gravel Cyclist. Jayson O’Mahoney is the Gravel Cyclist: A website about the Gravel Cycling Experience.


  1. The class1 (20mph) motor dampens the appeal since to me, a drop bar bike should cruise over 20mph on flats – especially with a motor.
    But ok, that will make it legal most places.

    The 700×33 tires, on the other hand, are inexcusable. What is this a UCI cx bike?!?

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