Jesse Iozzio is a bike mechanic and entrepreneur who wants to bring you a slick solution to lighting up the road. Simply called the Integrated Bike Light, the system uses two small lights that attach at the skewers, with a battery hidden inside the fork steerer tube. Here’s how it works…

All images courtesy Iozzio Cycles.

Iozzio Cycles Integrated Bike Light Kickstarter

We love covering innovative entrepreneurs and their Kickstarter campaigns, and we’ve got one more for you today. Simply called the Integrated Bike Light, it’s a dual-bulb system that attaches to your front or rear wheel via a tooled skewer.

The battery is stored inside your fork steerer tube, and the system gets activated by the push of a button on the special top cap, which also has a micro-USB recharge port. Electricity travels down to the lights via a special conductive tape.

Iozzio quotes a run time of two hours at maximum brightness of 520 lumens. The Kickstarter ends on Mon, April 22 2019, with a total fundraising goal of $25,000. For more information, check out the Integrated Bike Light at the link below or check out their Kickstarter campaign.


  1. Scott on

    $150 for 130 lumen, “Currently a dual light circuit last over 12 hrs. However, the lumen count will diminish over time from approximately 130 lm to 40 lm per LED.”


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