Mountain bikes are too expensive. We hear it all the time. And while that may be true if you’re fixated on the top tier rigs for $10k, below that we’ve seen massive leaps in performance for the entry and mid-level products. The latest fork from RockShox is a perfect example. The new 35 Gold RL offers what looks to be an impressive level of performance, and all for just $499.

RockShox 35 Gold RL suspension fork bulks up on performance, not price

Chosen as their preferred fork platform for high end single crown forks, RockShox has previously used the 35mm chassis for forks like the Revelation, Yari, Lyrik, and Pike. Thanks to the aluminum upper tubes and magnesium lowers, these forks have an impressive stiffness to weight ratio which can be felt directly on the trail.

Now, that same 35mm platform is available for $150 less when compared to the RockShox Revelation RC. The new 35 Gold RL manages to drop the price with a step down to Motion Control damping with Rebound and simple Lock Out, but keeps the DebonAir air spring. Not only that, but the fork maintains the ability to change out the travel with All-Travel spacers from 100 to 160mm, and can use 32mm Bottomless Tokens to tune the air spring curve.

RockShox 35 Gold RL suspension fork bulks up on performance, not price

Available in 27.5 and 29″ wheel versions, there are also four different fork offsets with 37/44mm for 27.5″ and 44/51mm for 29″. Sold with a Maxxle Stealth, we’re assuming that fork is Boost 110 x 15mm and the weight is not yet provided. Available as an aftermarket option, the 35 Gold RL sells for $499.




  1. Countdown to the inevitable lawsuit brought on by FOX for likeness rights, and brand devaluation. Kudos to the RS marketing team ( golfclap ).

    • Ease up on the rock. The likeness is hardly there, and Fox is doing just fine. Not sure why you’d think this will devalue their product. It’s a totally different architecture and design. This new fork is an inflated 30 series design, the use of All Travel spacers is a give away.

      All in all this looks good though. Service on this will be easy and inexpensive.

  2. I hope they have this 35mm Chassis trickle over to the bluto line soon. love the weight of the bluto but a 35mm version would be sweet. the weight penalty going to the mastodon or wren is just too high for the riding that i do.

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