REI knows a thing or two about guiding humans on some unforgettable adventures. For more than 30 years their guides have been taking folks riding through Zion National park, trekking through the Himalaya, or off exploring exciting areas like the Galapagos islands. But now they’re expanding their services to another group entirely – your pets.

REI introduces Adventures for Pets: Give a furry friend the trip of a lifetime

Following their expansion into adventures for families more than 10 years ago, REI Adventures says, “trips for pets felt like the next logical step.” Continuing, “The inspiration for Pet Ventures—active adventures designed with pets in mind—began with REI customers. For the last few years, customers traveling with REI Adventures raved about the trips, but consistently told trip leaders that they wished they could expose their pets to the same level of adventure. Our first thought was to have folks bring their pets along on the adventures, but to be sensitive to those allergic to or fearful of animals, we thought, why shouldn’t the pet be able to travel on their own?There’s many a turtle or goldfish who would prefer to leave their humans behind and have an adventure.” 

So far, the trips have included a Glamping trip for cats in the Great Smoky Mountains, cycling through the country side of New Zealand for mini-donkeys, and more. Each night includes a deluxe REI Signature camp and will ensure your pet has never been so connected to nature. You know, unless they were actually wild in the first place.

For more, check out the link below.


  1. The problem now with April fools articles is people are weird enough to actually do these kinds of things. So it get harder and harder to tell if people are serious or joking.

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