As you might expect, a lot of the Hayes Performance Systems employees have kids who ride. But kids’ bikes while often sized correctly with frames and wheels, leave a lot to be desired when it comes to the other components which make up the complete bike. When Hayes set out to create the JUnit, their goal was to create a complete system rather than just a few parts here and there. Named after the son of Hayes’ new Global Director of Product Management, Jon Swanson, the JUnit is set to transform your little one’s ride.

JUnit bars and grips

Hayes says that the first part of the system’s development was to figure out the ideal grip diameter for an 8-10 year old and work inwards from there. The tiny little grips have a 22mm outer diameter and 105mm grip width but require a special bar with a 15.5mm outer diameter at the grips.

Even though the handlebar is a special size, Hayes came up with a clever trick to use standard brake clamps. The grip includes a plastic extension that acts as a 22.2mm shim that a brake clamps around. It even includes alignment marks to help with brake angle. This effectively creates a lock on grip which also includes a protective end cap on the end of the grip.

While the end of the bars are custom, the center is still a 31.8mm clamp so it will work with standard stems. The aluminum bar has a 8º backsweep, 1º upsweep, and 12.7mm rise, and a claimed weight of 245g. Pricing is set at $84.99 for the bar and grip combo, or $28.99 for replacement grips.

Dominion A2 brake & SFL short lever option

Hayes also has a new SFL or Short Finger Lever which is an option on their Dominion brakes. These will be a great option for anyone looking for a smaller lever – not just kids. However, the levers are not interchangeable so you have to order a complete lever assembly with the SFL from Hayes.

That corresponds with the new Dominion A2 brake which is a two piston version of the original Dominion A4. It still features twin bleed ports at the caliper and uses the same lever, but now with a lighter two piston caliper if you don’t need the increased heat management and power of a four piston. Dominion A2 brakes are the same price as A4 at $229.99 per brake, and are available in standard lever or SFL options.

JUnit Machete 20 & 24″ Forks

To keep the front end of the little bikes planted, Manitou repackaged some machetes into a 20 and 24″ fork.

Both feature adjustable air springs tuned to lower rider weights and Absolute+ compression damping. Both 20″ and 24″ Machete JUnit forks will be sold for $449.99, and the Gen 2 Reverse Arch mudguard adds $25.

Sun Ringle Duroc JUnit 20 & 24″ wheels

Finally, Sun Ringle Duroc JUnit wheels complete the package. Offered in both 20″ and 24″, the tubeless read wheels use standard SRC hubs to fit most frames and should offer great performance for a little bike. Duroc 30 JUnit rims are priced at $129.99, and complete wheels are $239.99 for the front and $359.99 for the rear.


    • Zach Overholt on

      Good question. I wasn’t able to open the price spreadsheet the other day, but it’s updated now with all pricing.

  1. Mike on

    Is it me or do the wheel weights seems high especially given that they’re intended for lighter riders? Seems like they could have gone further to satisfy their intended user base. In my humble opinion Islabikes is the gold standard for kids bikes.

    • JS on

      Mike- all product intended for dirt has to pass adult ISO testing regardless of the rider. Every one of the JUNIT parts is safe for an adult to ride


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