Maybe it was your first bike. Or the bike you always wished you owned when it was new. Perhaps you’re just a collector of iconic vintage frames and forks. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to display that classic frame and fork, Frank the Welder has a new accessory to consider.

Frank the Welder whips up ShedSets for displaying your favorite vintage frame & fork Frank the Welder whips up ShedSets for displaying your favorite vintage frame & fork

Called the ShedSet, the machined pieces of nylon act as a dummy headset to keep the fork in the frame’s head tube without crashing to the ground. Inside the ShedSet is an o-ring to snugly fit around 1″ steerer tubes and 25mm head tubes, which corresponds to vintage bikes made in the U.S. and Europe among other places.

Frank the Welder whips up ShedSets for displaying your favorite vintage frame & fork

Obviously for display purposes only, the ShedSet will protect the paint on both the frame and the fork, while allowing you to position the fork for the perfect angle of presentation. They can also be painted to look like an actual headset, or to match the frame/fork. Currently offered only for 1″ forks, this is one of those things that with demand, FTW could probably modify for other standards fairly easily. But for now, the 1″ ShedSets sell for $20 per pair, and are available through his Etsy page.



  1. I’m confused. 1″ threaded headsets are still available. Cheap ones cost less than this nylon thing. Why wouldn’t you just use a real regular headset, or in most cases, keep the original 1″ threaded headset. Unlike threadless, the headset holds the fork in place, so you don’t need to attach a stem. I just don’t understand the need for this at all.

  2. i have a friend who have very precious vintage bike that he even didn’t want to attach a wheel to it.

    a dummy-something definitely a must have tool for someone who need it

  3. Nice Vitus you got there. Am surprised the head tube is still glued on, especially on that size. I had a 58cm back in the day, and after a season of riding/racing, it had to be riveted together. Loved that bike. Sean Kelly probably disintegrated 1 per race.

    • Oh, the good ‘ol days….the Vitus 979 w.Mavic headset integrated!!! I used to wait for my Nashbar catalog just to stare at it,,,,and remember, it was WAY to flexy to sprint on – just ask Sean Kelly.

  4. Sometimes you want a really special headset for an old frameset. And it takes a lot of time to find it.

    If you use a cheap headset instead, you have to press the cups in the head tube. And this may damage the head tubes laquer paint.

    So using this shedset makes sense for some people.

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