Kids Ride Shotgun is out to reset your expectations for fun and ease-of-use when you want to bring your child along for the ride. Their Shotgun MTB Seat and Handlebars are designed to work on just about any bike, giving your kid a front-row view of the trail ahead. This design not only centers the weight better than traditional child seats, but also allows you to interact with your child and share the same field of vision.

Shotgun Kids MTB Seat and Handlebar accessories

If you want to bring your kids along for the ride, there are some good options out there with trailers and add-on child carriers. However, most of these will significantly alter the handling and balance of the bike, limiting where you can go and what your kiddo can see. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the idea, but it looks like perhaps the smoothest execution.

The design uses a fully rubber-coated mounting system to protect your bike frame, and is said to be compatible with just about any standard-style frame – including full-suspension mountain bikes.

While not mandatory, there is also a handlebar add-on that’s sold separately, to give your kid their own pair of bars and grips with adjustable reach (i.e. if your handlebars are too far away, or are cluttered with lights and bike computers).

The saddle is adjustable, allowing for angle and fore-aft movement. The rubberized foot pegs have adjustable straps to keep those kid-size shoes securely fastened.

The Shotgun Kids MTB Seat is available now for $220 NZD (it’s a New Zealand-based company). The Shotgun Kids MTB Handlebars add $49 NZD, and are sold separately. Check out more or order your own at the link below.


  1. Cake Power on

    They might be designed to attach that way, but the tubes they’re clamping to certainly weren’t intended to be clamped in that way. Cheap straight-gauge alloy, probably fine, high-end alloy, steel or carbon – asking for trouble.

  2. Huffagnolo SuperMagna on

    Wow another stupid product to kill kids! Instead of plopping more kids into the world to kill we could just stop breeding?
    However the kid in front would help in case you flew forward, better than wearing armor just use a soft squishy kid as an airbag!

    Also this probably would destroy the frame but if you are dumb enough to use this maybe a destroyed frame is what is needed so you can’t kill your kid!

      • Huffagnolo SuperMagna on

        Nope, they should be on a balance or pedal bike or on a seat in the back like the Topeak or Yepp seat or in a trailer or a trail-a-bike. Some place safer than in front of you on the same bike rack unless it is a cargo bike designed to haul kids in the front!

    • 69GT on

      Unless you’re a total idiot, you are not going to be riding a bike park or doing sick whips at your local trails with your kid on the bike. I have one of these and even if I could, I’m not stupid enough to go full noise with my daughter on the bike – no matter how much she yells “Faster Daddy”. It is however, a great way to get outside and let your kid(s) enjoy a bit of nature AND the sport you enjoy.

      • bennnn on

        Yup, my kids are going to love this thing once I get one. Only thing I’m sending with them riding right along with me like this is a sick 12 mph average rip down a crushed gravel trail. Kids are happy, I’m happy, and unless I’m a total moron, no one is injured. Win. Win.

    • davidjkm on

      Well yes, I suppose you could put it on your downhill rig and blast down Valparaiso with your child between your knees. If you were that way inclined…

  3. Johnny on

    At 69GT mentioned, this is for tooling around on the road and dirt, not for drops and jumps.
    I’ve got a bare-bones wooden seat like this that we use on the road all the time. You can interact with your kids because they are in front and not in back. Both me and my daughter think the concept is great. But 220 NSD, that is crazy expensive. I can make a wood version, albeit not as adjustable, for about 25 NSD. I don’t see how a product like this, at a price point like this, is viable.

  4. Tim Guarente on

    I made a version of this for my Cross Check, and it was great while my kiddo was too slow on his balance bike for riding places together. After trying traditional front bike seats (and trailers) , the more compact placement is much easier to manage, and he and I could talk.

    Just don’t go out to Whistler, jeez.

    • hamjam on

      Well, you have a sweet bike. And you’re really good at hooking up with chicks. Plus you’re like the only guy at school who has a mustache.

  5. Waylon B on

    Oof – Mac Ride is way better IMO – this has no foot straps and relying on frame triangle strength instead of steerer to seatpost connection is both less adjustable and less reliable. Mac Ride is cheaper too!


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