Bontrager just announced a new top-tier shoe for road, the X-X-X Road Cycling Shoe. Combining their stiffest OCLV carbon soles with strategically placed flex zones in the shoe’s upper, it aims for the best of both worlds in power transfer and comfort. It also adds the Dual IP1 Boa dial system for precise micro-adjustment and fit.

All images courtesy Trek.

2020 Bontrager X-X-X Road Cycling Shoe

Bontrager has been improving their shoe line for many years now, offering a variety of prices and performance levels. Don’t get confused by the new name, however, as Bontrager previously sold a shoe called the “XXX Road Shoe” – while the new model is called the XXX Road Cycling Shoe.

The new X-X-X kicks use Bontrager’s inForm Pro last for an ergonomic fit, along with 100% OCLV carbon soles with a stiffness index of 14 (out of a total 14). They’ll smoke or catch fire if you look at them too long – look away!

The asymmetric lace system uses Dual IP1 Boa dials with Superior Form TX lace routing to help take pressure off the top of your foot while allowing for a more secure fit.

Weight comes in at 261 grams for size 42. The size range covers 36 – 48, with half sizes from 38 – 46. No wide sizes will be offered at this time.

Three color options are available for the X-X-X Road Cycling Shoe – navy, white, and black. All options are available now for a list price of $399.99, and are covered by the Unconditional Bontrager Guarantee.


      • D on

        Will never go back to white shoes. Had a set of lakes 2 weeks into ownership got rained on and they looked terrible. Have Black S Works 6 shoes for 3-4 years now and they look brand new despite riding in them through winter, rain storms, sleet, a broken clavicle, and a broken shoulder etc.

  1. Dirty Sanchez on

    These look awesome…..but again no wides. Half the shoes I sell now are Lake wides because most of these shoe companies make shoes too damn small. It’s frustrating.

  2. Marc Smith on

    Bont shoes have a huge arch and if you are a shimano fan you will generally hate them. Hopefully that has changed.

    • Hexsense on

      @Marc Smith,
      Do you actually mean Bont, and not Bontrager?
      Bont is a really well known brand for very low stack height shoes by using thin lower plate but gain stiffness from side wall of bath tub sole design. Sometime bath tub shape doesn’t fit your feet, so it needs to be heat molded to reshape.

      Bontrager’s shoe is very generic.

  3. myles on

    I moved from years of getting stiffer and stiffer shoes to nylon. No more stiffness index. Now smile index. Cheaper shoe, more comfort, no foot cramps .

  4. coreying on

    It’s just “XXX” not “X-X-X”. Trek have had XXX products for years to indicate the absolute best and/or lightest products in their range… from shoes, to stems, to wheels, to saddles etc. But it’s just XXX !

    • Greg Kopecky on

      We know this, and our change is intentional. Writing without the dashes can hurt our SEO, because it gets associated with porn. Even putting the dashes isn’t perfect, and I honestly don’t know why that they haven’t changed the product names by now… perhaps they’ve determined the name has too much equity to abandon.

  5. RB on

    I guess by the pics they are “sumokin'” Where is the imagination in advertising??
    I’m in the market for some new ride kicks. I’d take white and the opportunity to create something original with a little leather paint. I imagine the heat from the road in our area would produce some intense heat on my feet.

    A little peroxide and soap and those white babies will gleam!

  6. Pedro Tavares Nicodemos Filho on

    The white shoes are extremely beautiful, but they would not stay clean and beautiful fot too much time … fortunately there are the black ones.

    I don’t fell well whith road bike shoes, because it’s hard to walk on it. I use to ride with mountain bike shoes, and I tryed LOOK S-TRACK pedals, but they dismantled twice times and I give up. I’ll try SPEEDPLAY XYZR titanium pedals if I could get them.


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