Everyone’s got their own idea as to what makes the perfect Great Divide. For musician and Salsa Cycles supported rider Ben Weaver, that includes stopping along the way to perform 16 free concerts – and riding with all of his instruments and camera gear in the process.

That camera gear helped to create a 32 minute documentary that according to Salsa, “documents their beautiful journey down this iconic American corridor, exploring wilderness, what it means to be wild, and examining the common denominators we all hold dear as human beings who share this planet.” To celebrate its release, the documentary will be available to stream for free, for 48 hours through this link. 

Starting now, you’ll have until 5 pm CST on Sunday, August 18th to catch the film and maybe be inspired for your next big adventure.

“Music For Free” screenings and Ben Weaver mini concerts will also be performed at the following events: 

9/19 Bike Fun Fest, Missoula, Montana
9/21 Whitefish Bike Retreat, Whitefish, Montana
9/22 The Stray Bullet Cafe, Ovando, Montana
9/24 Fitzgerald’s Bicycles, Idaho Falls, ID
9/25 Saturday Cycles, Salt Lake City, UT
9/27 Wolverine Farm, Fort Collins, CO
9/28 Pedal, Litteton, Co


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