Can’t stop, won’t stop? That won’t be a problem thanks to some new products from Magura. While their brakes have always been pretty high on the power spectrum, if you need even more braking power, there will soon be another option.

Magura adds 220mm rotor option, new eSTOP range for better e-bike braking

For the first time, Magura will be offering a 220mm version of heir MDR-P (right) high performance brake rotor. Magura claims that the 220mm rotor is good for an extra 10% of braking power with the same lever pull effort as well as 15% less brake pad wear. The MDR-P will also be available in 203mm if you don’t need the full 220mm. The rotor uses a two piece design with ‘Dovetail Interlink Technology’ which claims to be superior than a standard two piece rotor since the torque is evenly distributed around the rotor – not just at the rivets. Because of this, the rotor is said to be more rigid and offers better heat dissipation which is probably something you’re after if you’re running a 200-220mm rotor in the first place.

Magrua is also introducing the MDR-C (left) which is optimized for use on e-bikes thanks to a more rigid center section to reduce vibration. This claims to cut down on noise, while the additional material will help with heat resistance and stability. Both rotors appear to have a hole for mounting magnets to use with various e-bike systems.

Magura adds 220mm rotor option, new eSTOP range for better e-bike braking

MDR-C: 162 g (180 mm), 222 g (203 mm) – Available Now. 
MDR-P: 216 g (203 mm), 241 g (220 mm) – Available Autumn 2019.

Magura adds 220mm rotor option, new eSTOP range for better e-bike braking Magura adds 220mm rotor option, new eSTOP range for better e-bike braking

Technically, those rotors are part of the new Magura eSTOP group which includes a full suite of brake components optimized for electric bikes. The heavier bikes and higher average speeds mean better brakes are welcome, so Magura came up with the answer.

eSTOP includes two new brake models, the MT5 eSTOP four piston and MT4 eSTOP two piston brakes.

Magura adds 220mm rotor option, new eSTOP range for better e-bike braking

What makes an eSTOP brake different? Other than being packaged with one of the two new MDR rotors, the brakes also include new organic SPORT brake pads. Slotting in between their COMFORT and PERFORMANCE pads, the pads should offer a good mix of braking power, durability, and low noise. The pads are available in 7.S and 8.S to fit both 2 and 4 piston brakes.

You’ll be able to purchase either the MT5 or MT4 as eSTOP models which include the SPORT pads and MDR rotors, but you’ll also be able to purchase an eSTOP Optimized Kit which will upgrade any current Magura MT brake model for use on ebikes.


  1. Roger on

    Will this 220 rotor be available for pedal bikes? I’m totally against ebikes and have no interest in them whatsoever but I would like this on my DH bike. Maybe even a 250 or 275 rotor if someone would build one.

    • Larry Webster on

      You may want to actually look at an e-bike sometime. They have pedals and you actually have to use them to move, so your question makes no sense. If you mean bikes that do not have pedal assist, then you should probably read the article more closely. It clearly states that the MDR-P are for standard bikes and the MDR-C are for pedal-assist.

    • typevertigo on

      Methinks all you really need to fit the 220 mm rotor to a normal bike is just the caliper adapters. The rotor is a typical six-bolt fitment anyway.

      • Shafty on

        They still use Magura’s craptacular levers, so I really don’t get the point here. There are better levers that do the same thing and plenty 4 piston options. The larger rotor size is essentially the only development here.

    • Randy Salom on

      Recently installed MDR-P 204 rotor paired with new MT5’s. When I apply the front brake and slightly rock the bike back n forth I can feel and see the inner part of the rotor moving (black color) independently of the actual rotor (silver). Is my rotor defective or is this normal?

    • Bob Log on

      Check out the Hope V4 with vented rotor. After spending way to much time trying to keep other brakes from cooking themselves on long, steep decents here we swapped our MTB tandem over to the V4’s with Vented rotor’s and haven’t had a hint of an issue since. Seeing as how everything else we were using was also 200mm rotors, I’m 100% convinced the vented rotors are what make the biggest difference.
      Hope levers have a great feel to them as well, which is a nice bonus.

    • Nash on

      Bike packers actually tend to use the worst cable actuated brakes due to being easy to fix in the field. Not that I understand that as a Hope brake with braided cables isn’t ever going to fall apart in a hurry.


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