Full Speed Ahead just announced their new FSA System e-bike motor. Meant for road, gravel & commuter bikes, the rear hub drive unit provides a maximum of 250 watts of assist, pulling from a 250Wh battery inside the down tube. Additionally, you can add an second 250Wh battery into a bottle cage for extra range.

2020 FSA System e-bike pedal-assist rear hub motor

2020 FSA System e-bike pedal-assist rear hub motor Bianchi Aria e-road bike

E-bike systems are on the rise, and FSA just joined the fray. They were already a supplier of cranksets, spiders, and sprockets to other e-bike manufacturers, and opted to make their own complete system. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the Fazua Evation setup, in that it targets low weight (4kg total), and gets a hidden downtube battery. However, rather than using a bottom bracket motor, it drives a large rear hub that must be built into your wheel.

2020 FSA System e-bike pedal-assist rear hub motor Vision TriMax

FSA will offer four initial wheel options: Vision Metron 40 SL Disc, Trimax 30 Disc, Team 30 Disc, and the AGX gravel-specific wheels. That’s another big reason for FSA’s choice of a hub motor, since they can already build it into their Vision brand of wheels, and offer complete wheelsets.

The motor will have five output settings, hitting a maximum output of 250W of pedal assist (and a maximum noise level of 55 decibels). The 20-cell downtube battery has 250Wh of storage capacity, and there’s an optional bottle cage auxiliary battery with the same capacity(not pictured) – very reminiscent of the Range Extender in the latest Specialized e-system. The battery charge port is near the bottom bracket area, and doubles as the power port for the extra battery.

2020 FSA System e-bike pedal-assist rear hub motor

The FSA System hub is 6-bolt disc brake-only, with a special bolt-on thru-axle interface to transmit torque through the dropout. The drive system works with any standard road drivetrain, 1x or 2x using a conventional cassette.

Assistance cutoff speeds are 25km/h for Europe, or 32km/h for the USA.

You can control the system using the integrated top tube unit. FSA has also developed an iOS and Android app, which allows the user to record ride and usage statistics, display battery life, and even provide turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

The new FSA System will be available in complete bikes from Spring 2020, and carries a 2-year warranty. The System will not be available aftermarket, and pricing will only be reflected as part of complete e-bike costs.



  1. MIG on

    So they bought Ebikemotion? Or is it a partnership like their Power box? This is the exact same system being used on Bianchi, Orbea, Pinarello, etc but with a seatpost battery. Looks good regardless.

    • Tom on

      Yup, this is identical to the Ebikemotion system on my wife’s Orbea Gain. Wonderful bike, that lets us ride together at similar speeds, getting similar workouts.

    • Toby on

      Hey guys. This system is somewhat different to the eBikemotion setup the lock ring on the cassette is a standard Shimano Sora ring. The X35 system uses a custom ring that detects if you are peddling or not.

  2. Huffagnolo SuperMagna on

    FSA entering the market for early to mid 2000s in 2020 good for them! Maybe they need to also make a coterred crankset and go total vintage?

    Ditch the kits and get a dedicated platform going with a reliable mid drive system. Bosch is fantastic for that or if you need lightweight the new Creo from
    Specialized hits the mark

  3. Tom on

    theres a huge amount of real estate taken up between the biggest cog and the DS flange. This wheel has terrible bracing angles, and must be a flexible flyer.

      • Tom on

        you are correct, but there’s no way the increased diameter of the flange compensates completely for the lateral offset. Draw some straight lines from spoke bed to flange and extend the line to a typical flange diameter – it looks like the flange is still at least a few mm off.


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