Earlier this month, Pirelli introduced their newest bicycle tires – the Cinturato gravel and ‘cross family. We’ve already had a bit of time on them, and initial impressions have been great. They measure true to size, offer easy tubeless mounting and sealing, and seem to provide excellent traction in a variety of conditions. What we haven’t seen though, is the promised tan sidewall versions briefly mentioned in the original press release.

Along with announcing their partnership with the Jeroboam Gravel Challenge for 2019, Pirelli also sent over the first photos of the tan walls which look pretty good.

Featuring a diamond pattern which could be part of the nylon bead-to-bead reinforcement, the tan wall tires are an option for those that prefer the look over the standard black. Apparently, all of the Pirelli Cinturato Gravel tires will have a tan wall option in both the hard pack H and mixed terrain M tires.

The new treads also come wit the news of Pirelli’s partnership with the Jeroboam Gravel Challenge 2019, which will take place this weekend from September 20th to 22nd. For riders headed to the Franciacorta hills in Northern Italy, you’ll be able to check out the new Cinturato tires in person in the Pirelli booth at the Jeroboam Expo of Erbusco.




  1. Is that tire mounted backwards? It looks directional and for fast rolling, I’d assume the arrow should be facing front. Seems like it but perhaps there is a reason.

    • Of course it’s on backwards! It’s almost as if there’s an inside joke with brands to do this for product releases and trade shows. Happens all the time.

    • It actually is mounted correct. If you check that first link to the Pirelli tire release you can see a better view of this ‘Gravel H’ tread. Those side knobs are supposed to point backwards.

  2. Forwards, backwards, what’s with all the labels, man! Tires should be free to choose their own direction. LOL

    It does look like a nice tire regardless! I would be curious to ride a set if they did a 650bx47 or 50

    • Pretty much all these Pirelli tires come in 650×45 and 50 black wall… man. But you have to actually click that first link in this write up. I did, late, but I know you can too.

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