In a bit of surprise news today, Wahoo Fitness just announced their acquisition of Speedplay pedals. Now it’s entirely possible that Wahoo is just looking to expand their product portfolio into something other than electronics, but as the self proclaimed “leader in connected fitness devices,” you’d have to think they have bigger plans for the iconic pedal brand.

According to the press release, “Wahoo and Speedplay share a common approach of leveraging technology to develop products that enhance the performance of cyclists. Speedplay pedals are the most innovative, high performance pedals available so it’s a perfect fit with Wahoo,” says Chip Hawkins, Founder of Wahoo Fitness. “We welcome the opportunity to offer another edge to Wahooligans around the world with the best pedals in the business.” “When Sharon Worman and I founded Speedplay, it was because I wanted to solve problems performance athletes were having in reaching their full potential,“ said Richard Bryne, CEO of Speedplay, Inc. “By becoming part of the Wahoo family, we can carry that mission to more athletes with more compelling products than ever before.”

It goes on to say that Wahoo and Speedplay will work together to “deliver unmatched excellence in the pedal category,” which we’d imagine means some sort of powermeter pedal may be in the works. We’ll see!



  1. VeloFreak. on

    I bought a pair of Speedplay frog pedals in 1997. The same pair has survived 3 different mountainbikes and done tenth of thousand of kilometers. Still rolling. Only had to replace bearings in one of them once. Use them on the road also the zero model… Road pedals from the competition are a joke. In any case, regular shimano SPD for mtb is better than any other pedal out there, almost. They are heavy, and speedplay frog still works so much better.

    Not sure these are good news really, this was a very old school company really, with great functional ideas, but… well… we’ll see.

  2. EcoRacer on

    10 years ago Metrigear announced their Vector power meter pedal concept that would work with speedplay pedals. If memory serves me correctly. Just before Metrigear were bought up by Garmin to produce the garmin vector pedals?

    Have run Speedplay Zero pedals on all my roadbikes for 10 years, can’t imagine using anything else. They just need minimum maintenance and they seem to last forever compared to look or shimano road pedals. Even the ridiculously expensive cleats last me a season or two. The only thing they do not like is mud or dirt. They clog up and make it impossible to click in or out. But that does not happen very often with my riding.

    I hope Wahoo let’s them do their thing like before but with a bit more cash on hand for new product development.

  3. Stephen Poole on

    Dear Wahoo, please don’t shut down production of any Speedplay pedals, or make getting the custom options harder. Thank you.


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