Developed with the Santa Cruz Syndicate, Fizik announced the new Alpaca mountain bike saddle range. Meant for trail, all-mountain, enduro, and downhill riding, the saddles were developed to offer support, riding control, and durability. The Terra Alpaca is focused on trail and all-mountain, while the Gravita Alpaca is meant for big hits and fast DH endeavors.

Fizik Terra Alpaca X5 & Gravita Alpaca X5 mountain bike saddles

Fizik has been busy lately, and just released two new MTB saddles, dubbed the Alpaca series. It is comprised of two models aimed at aggressive mountain bike riding from Trail – all the way to full-on DH racing. Both saddles feature round Mobius rails and $100 price points.

Terra Alpaca X5

The Terra Alpaca X5 is meant for trail and all-mountain riding. Its 145mm rear width is intended to offer good support while pedaling, while still allowing for plenty of rider movement.

The nose of the Terra is wide and flat, offering a platform to push against if you shimmy forward while tackling steep climbs. While not a fully cutout saddle, it has an ergonomic relief area to reduce soft tissue pressure.

• Length: 248 mm
• Width: 145 mm
• Weight: 238 g
• Height at 75mm width: 40 mm
• Length from nose to 75mm width: 129.5 mm
• Rail: 7×7 mm Mobius
• Price: $100

Gravita Alpaca X5

The Gravita Alpaca is made for all-mountain, enduro, and DH riding. It has a slim 130mm rear width to avoid interfering with riders’ movements on tough descents.

Rounded contours and co-injected softer edges help to further protect your inner legs. The rear end also features a flex area that bends upon impact, for when you’re up-and-over the back of the seat.

• Length: 251 mm
• Width: 130 mm
• Weight: 216 g
• Height at 75mm width: 40 mm
• Length from nose to 75mm width: 130 mm
• Rail: 7×7 mm Mobius
• Price: $100

Both saddles are available immediately from Fizik dealers and at the link below.


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