Speedvagen announced an uber-limited-edition of the Disc OG, made with bourbon-colored Chris King parts. Dubbed the Bourbon King Disc OG, only eight will ever be made, available in four stock sizes and three paint color options.

Speedvagen Bourbon King Disc OG disc road bike

We already dove into the details of the Disc OG from Speedvagen, but now they’re making a special short-run featuring Chris King bourbon-color parts. They were only able to obtain eight sets of said parts, making this an extremely limited run.

Three paint color choices will be available for you to choose from – Mustard, Sage, and Oxblood.

Chris King Bourbon R45D hubs are laced up to HED Belgium Plus Eroica rims. Stock braking is handled by Shimano Ultegra hydraulics (with mechanical shifting), with options to upgrade/swap to Di2 or SRAM builds.

Bottom bracket spec is the beautiful Chris King Bourbon T47.

Steering duties are handled by – surprise(!) – a Chris King Bourbon headset. The fork spec is an ENVE disc road fork with 32mm tire clearance.

While the geometry chart above shows five sizes, Speedvagen reports that the only four sizes will be available (52 – 28).

A $500 deposit secures one of eight possible bikes, and goes towards a total purchase price of $7,250 complete (with upgrade available for an extra charge). Turnaround time is quoted at 2 – 3 months from time of order.



  1. Over $7k for alloy bars and wheels with a stupid seat post mast thing. This bike proves that a sucker is born every minute. Well at least 8 of them. Seriously though, ultegra and no Di2 for over 7 large is a joke. Plus you would have to listen to that god awful noise of the crap king hubs. A Walmart bike would be a better value proposition.

    • If you did take a serious look at the photo’s you would see the bike is riding on Sram E-Tap not Ultegra. Knock Chris King hubs all you want, they work great and they are so simple to to self service. I have three CK wheelsets,mounted on two steel and one Ti custom built custom built framesets.
      Sure they cost a lot of money, the oldest being 12 years old and the newest five. I keep my bikes for a long time, so I can justify the cost.

      • Yeah, but the quoted price is with Ultegra, so that probably puts this bike in the $10k+ category. Kind of a lot for, well, for *that*.

      • > they are so simple to to self service

        So you are saying that all the Chris King hub service tools that are sold are unnecessary?

        • The only time the CK service tools would come in handy is if you had to replace the bearings, and that would be if the bearings were shot. The only tools you need to service the rear hub are two 5mm and one 2.5mm depending on which hub you have.
          with a fine flat blade screwdriver you pop of the metal and plastic retaining ring and seal. Clean out the old lube in the bearings and gear drive, apply new lube and you are done.

  2. I bet they are sold already. For people buying bikes like this money isnt really an issue. I’d own one if I could afford it. Beautiful bike.

  3. I was going to make an infantile post about bikes I can’t afford and the people that buy them, people that very likely have more money than me, but I see others have already beat me to the punch. I guess a person has to get up early if they want to pollute comment sections with petty, jealous spray.

    • Just because someone can’t afford something does not mean they them saying it is a horrible value is jealousy. It is pretty obvious that this bike’s only goal is to elevate the status of its owner in their circle of bike nerd friends. I mean you get mid level alloy handlebars and alloy rims on $8k bike. SERIOUSLY??

    • I can afford this bike, but it’s ugly. Not hideous, but ugly. For $7,250, one could build a much nicer custom bike with better specs.

      • I know its just your opinion, but could you please explain what about this bike is “ugly”??? I think its a way over-priced (deleted), but imo, it does look very, very nice.

      • That price can get you a Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Disc 9.0 with Dura-Ace Di2 with $250 left over. But since is has somewhat of an endurance geometry, the comparable Endurace CF SL Disc 8.0 Di2 can be had at less that 1/2 the cost.

    • I had to go check out Prova’s webpage, never heard of them before. Really nice looking bikes. Especially their dropout work.

  4. Jeez, what happens when the CK hub finally sh_ts the bed and you can no longer get Bourbon colored stuff? Do you just scrap the whole bike?

    • How do you ruin a CK hubshell? They have a long standing design with readily replaced internals. Sure, you’ll wear out bearings, maybe the ringdrive, but the shell?

      • My two sets of CK hubs have both outlasted 3 mountain bike frames. I have only had to update them to keep up with modern frame design. They last AF.

        • fair enough, but I also know someone who pulled the flange off a front road hub, built by a reputable builder. But mostly, I was being a wise ass about super color coordinated bikes.

  5. Why did Hed name their new Disc Brake rim Eroica? Don’t they know Eroica is an event solely for vintage bikes (ie: Rim brakes)? Whoops!

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