KOM Cycling makes a variety of cycling gadgets, and we review their universal Phone Adapter and accompanying Bike Mount(s). Using a strong adhesive backing, the Phone Adapter mounts directly to a phone case, and uses a Wahoo or Garmin-style quarter turn interface to lock into either of two handlebar mounts.

Review: KOM Cycling Phone Adapter & Bike Mount handlebar display for smartphones & computers

While KOM Cycling may be better known for their tire sealant injection kit, they make a host of cycling accessories. The Phone Adapter began as a passion project, to help display the Zwift app while riding indoors – without cluttering up your bars. They wanted to use an existing mount style for simplicity, with the first choice being the Garmin quarter-turn (they have since added a Wahoo version, too).

The mount itself is small and simple, using 3M VBH backing for adhesion. Tests performed by SGS showed a pull force of 27.5 kgf, compared to an average of 15kgf for competitors. KOM noted that some extra-careful customers also add super glue to ‘guarantee’ a perfect, permanent bond.

Weight is a scant seven grams.

KOM noted that only hard plastic cases will work with the Phone Adapter (silicon cases or non-smooth surfaces will not adhere properly). An alcohol prep pad is included to clean the surface…

…before sticking on the adapter. You might be asking yourself why I mounted it so low on the phone case – which I will explain by way of my personal folly.

KOM sent me two different styles of bike mounts, which include a handy 2.5mm allen wrench and adapters to fit 22.2 and 25.4mm handlebars (the mount is made for 31.8mm bars). Sorry, no 35mm version yet.

As you can see, there is an alloy version and a carbon version. They looked quite similar at first glance…

…and even weighed in the same ballpark. I’m a simplicity guy, so I opted for the burlier alloy version to get started.

I noticed that it places the level of the mount below the top plane of the handlebar, so I was forced to install the mount very low on the phone case. If it was any higher, the phone would interfere with my handlebar and stem.

However, upon closer inspection, I realized that I had actually been sent two completely different models. The carbon version on the left is the Bike Mount (which also has alloy options), while the alloy version on the right is the Aero Bike Mount… because the latter puts your device in-line with the bar rather than above the bar.

What this means is that the Aero version is better suited as a computer mount rather than a phone mount – because a small Garmin or Wahoo device is too short to cause handlebar interference. The product packaging is identical for both styles and simply says “Computer Mount” – so an update to this would help to clarify for customers.

In any case, once I had the KOM system mounted, everything looked great… stealth and clean, and much cooler than putting my phone in my pocket. My advice is to go with the standard Bike Mount for your phone, so you can install the Phone Adapter closer to the center of your case for extra security.

Even with my somewhat odd mounting setup, my phone stayed securely mounted even over rough pavement. The inside of the clamp area has a rubber insert to help prevent slippage, and perhaps even absorb some vibration. The overall design is efficient and effective.

If you want to get creative, you can even mount the Phone Adapter to other things… air horns, nutrition flasks, other flasks… you get the idea.

The Phone Adapter quarter-turn sticker is available in Garmin or Wahoo varieties for $12.99. The Aero Bike Mount (a.k.a. computer mount) sells for $14.99, while the standard Bike Mount (a.k.a. phone mount) can be had for $16.99 in alloy or $19.99 in carbon.



  1. Noel on

    I tried this kind of setup with a Garmin and a Quadlock mount. I broke two phones because the mount was off center. The mount is not sturdy enough for an off center mount, it will break after a few weeks of riding.

  2. Mike on

    Like other comments, the tabs and system are not strong enough on rough gravel rides. Need a stronger system, doesnt have to be garmin mount style. I dont want to carry 2 computers( a phone and a bike computer) when 1 does it all. What else have you guys found other than the clunky rubberband style holders?


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